Countdown to Christmas – Wreath Decorating Ideas

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas - see this wreath 3 different ways!

  Happy Halloween - wait, that means there are only 8 Fridays til Christmas! My friends and I decided to get on the ball and bring you some creative Christmas ideas early so we can relax with a hot toddy in December. If you missed my week 10 or week 9 project, be sure to check them out. I am a fake Christmas tree girl all the way … [Read more...]


Singing in the Rain Spring Door Umbrella Wreath


Think outside the round wreath when decorating your doors - why not an umbrella wreath. Spring showers bring flowers so why not combine the two. Snip some bright forsythia and pop it into a bubble umbrella (add some water so they stay perky). Don't judge my outfit in the reflection!  Ok - so I'm in my pj's but I'm blaming my recuperation from … [Read more...]


Party with My Peeps Easter Wreath


What says Easter better than a gooey sugar coated marshmallow shaped chick or bunny? The infamous Easter peep has been reincarnated into a wreath! Remember my marshmallow wreath? - well I figured ... peeps are just marshmallows with the added cuteness factor so why not do a Peep wreath?! I always feel like somebody's watching me!  (extra … [Read more...]


“Love Is” Valentine Wreath


Remember the cute "Love Is" boy and girl from the 70's? I loved those little cartoon cuties and even had a Love Is drinking glass when I was a kid! This year, I decided to create a Love Is Valentine Wreath! The creator, Kim Casali, began the series for the Los Angeles Times in 1970 with black and white cartoons of the cherubic little … [Read more...]