Eclectic Home Tour – Bless’er House

Beautiful fall porch

Lauren of Bless'er House moved into a brand new, cookie cutter home in North Carolina a couple of years ago and has made it her mission to put her stamp on it by demo-ing, DIY-ing and decorating the you know what out of it. Enjoy the tour ... then make sure to stop back for more decorating inspiration from more than 130 of my … [Read more...]


3-D Silhouette Halloween Mantel

3-D Halloween Mantel

On All Hallows Eve, I set up two adirondack chairs on my front lawn, fill a big cauldron with candy, dress up Sushi in her costume (she's a unicorn this year), pour a couple of glasses of wine and sit outside to hand out candy. Inside, my girls hang out with friends and when it gets late, they head out on a mission to fill their pillowcases with … [Read more...]


10 Creative Uses for Berry Garland

Quick and Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

You know my mantra is simple projects equals more time for cocktails so I've teamed up with some of my favorite friends to share our favorite ways to decorate - in under 10 minutes. You can see all of the ideas at the bottom of this post ... now here's mine. If you like it then you better put some berries on it. One of my … [Read more...]


My Sanity Saver – Blue Apron

Sweet Potato Pizza

They say we can have it all ... just not all at once.   While I like to think I can do it all, I've come to realize that sometimes, it's ok to ask for help. I love to cook, but it's hard to find time to grocery shop and meal plan especially when my family is always on the run. I've found a sanity saver called Blue Apron - cue … [Read more...]


Natural Fall Porch

Natural Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

I'm all about a natural look ... as long as we're not talking about my hair color. Since fall is my favorite season and I already went crazy decking out the inside of my fall house (see it here), I went for a simplified fall porch using things plucked right from nature with a few vintage finds thrown in for good measure. Cinderella … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – The Wicker House

Cottage home tour

Can you believe I've been featuring the most amazing home tours for four years and there are now more than 130 Eclectic Home Tours!  I love pouring over every detail and hope you do too. Today's tour brings us to a 90 year old Idaho cottage that belongs to Emily of The Wicker House. She believes that how a home feels is more important than … [Read more...]


Feather Mask Pumpkin Vintage Dress Form

Make a feather mask

Pumpkin head. That was my mom's nickname for me as a baby. In honor of my apparently enormous head, I've created my own little mini me ... and she's a diva. Here she stands, tall and proud of her ginormous head that I love sitting atop my vintage dress makers form! How to Make Feather Masks Supplies for Mask: white mask … [Read more...]


How to Make Plastic Pumpkins Look Real!

How to make fake pumpkins look realistic

Remember when I shared my deep, dark hatred for plastic pumpkin pails. Well, that hatred has been brewing inside of me for years and it's finally trickled down to the lowly fake pumpkin ... or funkin as it's called.  Not that there's anything fun about them. So instead of seething with anger any longer, I decided to turn those pumpkins … [Read more...]


Family Bucket List

Family Bucket List

The long lazy days of summer have sadly ended and it’s back to the grind. Crazy schedules, chauffeuring kids to and fro, hours of homework, sports practices and events every night of the week … I need a vacation already! To combat the chaos and make sure we have something to look forward to all year long, I created a family bucket list … [Read more...]


Eclectic Home Tour – New Arrivals

Beautiful beach house tour

Tori of New Arrivals, a retailer of kids and nursery decor, is showing off her beautifully renovated Florida beach home today. Enjoy the tour then come back to get major inspiration from the more than 130 Eclectic Home Tours here. Spanish influence creates major curb appeal from the carved front doors to the tile around the … [Read more...]