I’m Moving to WordPress – Pardon My Appearance!

Some exciting news!   I'm in the process of moving my blog to this site! Warning - this site is a construction zone! I'm hoping to get everything moved over this week but in the meantime,  the blog may not be looking her best so pardon her appearance. … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – So Stylish It’s Hard to Believe It’s a Basement!


She designs her own furniture  (that fabulous banquette), builds (well, her hubs does), makes her own stencils, sews up a frenzy - what can't Amanda from Dixie Delights do? Her skills are on display in her fabulous basement - which definitely does not look like underground living! Amanda designed and her hubs built this fabulous … [Read more...]


Fabulous Friday Finds – Tarnished Silver Platters


I remember when my mom had me polish her silver tea set - not fun! Getting into all those nooks and crannies was nearly impossible and then after all my hard work, the damn thing would tarnish right up again! I have the perfect solution - embrace the tarnish! I've been collecting silver plate platters and they're easy to find at thrift … [Read more...]


Linky Follower Blog Hop Link Par-Tay!

Bloggers and Non-Bloggers Alike  Sign up for a fab new tool that makes it simple to follow your favorite blogs! As many of you know, Google Friend Connect is going bye-bye on Feb 29 for anyone that is not on blogspot. It might even be phased out for everyone very soon. Now for the good news: There is a fabulous new tool called Linky … [Read more...]


Perfectly Imperfect – Embracing the Chipped, Worn and Tarnished


Sometimes Imperfect is Pure Perfection  Chipped, worn, tarnished, and scratched - think of it as adding character and personality and forget about polishing or repainting. Here's to embracing our imperfections! Very worn silver ice bucket - I'll take it. Does my rusty old fan work - who knows since I'm scared to plug it in - images … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Graphicly Cool Home Office


Kelly at JAX Does Design created graphic wall art in her cool home office and transformed it from the drab basement space it was before. Kelly created a letter mural on her computer and then used an overhead projector to project the letters onto the walls. She traced and painted all the letters by hand (does she have the patience of a … [Read more...]


Fabulous Friday Finds – House of Thrifted Lamps

I think Andrea of Oak Ridge Revival may be my separated at birth thrifting sistah - I may demand a DNA test!So we decided to swap (we’re kinky like that!) blogs for the day and share some of our thrifting scores. Hi, I'm Andrea from Oak Ridge Revival and it appears that Kelly and I were separated at birth. I stumbled upon her blog a few … [Read more...]


My Kitchen Tour – Everything and the Farmhouse Sink!

Picture 019

When we bought this run down house, I was thrilled with the prospect of being able to create my dream kitchen! Ceiling high white cabinets (they are actually gray for a warmer feel but look white), marble counters, a fun red stove and a farmhouse sink were on my wish list. Here's what I was working with - scary! I desperately wanted … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Bold & Bright Mudroom


This is such a fun mudroom from The Mindful Nest that's filled with color and fantastic thrifty scores made over with a bit of paint. Chalkboard wall in green combined with an old school pull down map - makes me (almost) want to hit the books! Can you believe this is a $19.90 ($20 minus the dime found wedged in a drawer) dresser found … [Read more...]


Sugar High Valentine Party


Update - my fabulously fun, pink, delicious Cupid Float has been so popular so it's gotten a makeover and looks better than ever!    Ah, gotta love the tween years!  My 12 year old twins decided to throw a Valentine's party - girls only!  After all, girls rule and boys drool (at least for now)! Centerpiece What's better than a table … [Read more...]