Crazy for Color Link Party

The Cottage Market Framed Animals

It's party time! Time to show off your colorful side. Like my Washi tape keyboard. Andrea's cuter than cute pink framed animals at The Cottage Market.   Linda turned thrift store fish (with scary eyes!) into bright beauties at it all started with paint. Kari saved a horribly damaged desktop with cork … [Read more...]


Colorful Keys – Washi to the Rescue

Washi Tape Keyboard

My Mac Air got a facelift ... and I was the surgeon! Washi tape to the rescue and the keys. I simply measured the key, then drew a tiny square onto cardboard and used that template to cut each piece of Washi tape. for the case ... Easily removable when she needs a change. My Mac is now ready for her close … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Tropical Paradise

The Bachelorette Curacao Treehouse

Do you have fantasies of escaping to Caribbean villas on an island, drinking mai tai's while lounging poolside and drifting off to sleep to the sound of ocean waves lapping at the powdery sand? Well, Karah from the space between is living that life. She is lucky enough to live in Curacao where they just filmed The Bachelorette. This … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – Working on the Railroad

Vintage Railroad Steps

Remember my Brimfield Adventure? Well, I spotted these beauties there. Vintage railroad steps ... to help the well heeled traveler step onto and off of the train ... probably while carrying a small dog and a hat box. Don't you just love it when you spot something fabulous ... and overpriced ... then realize that you already … [Read more...]


Confessions of a DIYer Party & Giveaways!

Twitter Party

I vividly remember my confirmation in 6th grade. Wearing my navy blue and white polka dot dress, I marched into the confessional to reveal all my deep, dark secrets. Two minutes later, I emerged! Hey, at 12, a girl doesn't have that much to confess! But boy do I have some things to confess now! So join me (and Hometalk, At the … [Read more...]


I’m Crazy for Color

Outdoor Dresser Planter

Remember the show The Nanny? Hum along with me now: she was "the lady in red while everyone else was wearing tan". Leopard print, chartreuse, hot pink stilettos ... no look was too extreme for Fran the Nanny. So, while we may not be rocking head to toe red jumpsuits while squeezing grapefruits in the supermarket aisles, we can let … [Read more...]


A Welcoming Guest Bathroom & 3 Ingredient Lemon Salt Scrub

3 Ingredient Lemon Salt Scrub

Your hubs calls with this announcement: his buddy and family are coming to visit in two days! Once the initial shock wears off and you've stopped ranting & raving, it's time to get busy. Quick, check the bathroom to make sure it's guest ready. After you clean like a mad woman, it's time to access the bathroom situation. 1) … [Read more...]


Exceptionally Eclectic – Bold, Bright, Beachy Bathroom

Beachy Bathroom

Beach bathroom decor ... Colorful. Whimsical. Beachy. Kella MacPhee, photojournalist extraordinaire, has style to spare! Her Jersey shore (I told you Jersey girls rock!) cottage was built in the 1930's ... by boy scouts! By the way, here's the before. She really knows how to mix in vintage style. Even her tp holder is … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – A Tale of Brimfield

Antique Wooden Shoe Rack

There once was a girl with burnished flowing locks (with no gray roots!) and hazel eyes. She loved nothing more than scouring her kingdom for antiques and vintage finds for her cottage. A happy life she did possess but for one small desire. To travel to the land of Brimfield. A magical place where people would journey in the hopes of … [Read more...]


Before & Afters You Won’t Believe!

Have I got a treat for you today! Cassie from Primitive & Proper is crashing my blog to share some of her fabulous furniture makeovers! That girl has style I tell you. So without further ado, here's Cassie ... Hi all!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper and I am so excited to be here at Eclectically Vintage! I share a love of well, … [Read more...]