It’s a Cinch – Vintage Music Sheet Table Runner

My vintage music sheet table runner is music to my ears…

it makes me sing, do the moonwalk and yes, even yodel!

Music Sheet Crafts - love this table runner (my guests loved it)!

This has to be the quickest It’s a Cinch I’ve ever done…

it took just a few minutes!

I found lots of vintage books of music at an estate sale and scooped them up.

Music Sheet Crafts - love this table runner (my guests loved it)!

Music Sheet Crafts - love this table runner (my guests loved it)!

The deets:

*music sheets
*glue stick

arrange music sheets on the table then whip out your glue stick – done!

Vintage Music Sheets - see what she created with them!

Go wild with this – old book pages would look amazing too.

Check out with my It’s a Cinch posse created.

August it's a cinch from andreaMusic Sheet Crafts - love this table runner (my guests loved it)!

August it's a cinch Carved Rock Necklace-1 (2)     chalkboard_paint_pots_succulent_plants_thumbnail

August It's a Cinch Karah's

I’m off to listen to Beethovan’s Symphony in C Minor …

Music Sheet Crafts - love this table runner (my guests loved it)!

or maybe just Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall.

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  1. Awesome!!!! Right on PITCH!!!! : ) can you hum a few bars? Love this and it is a CINCH!!!!!! It is always so much fun to host with you…your rock jersey girl!!! hugs…

  2. I LOVE this idea, Kelly! Perfectly cinchy!!

  3. So now I’m scared to try this it’s a cinch idea … mostly because it seems that it might compel me to sing … and no one wants to hear that!

    This is such a fabulous idea! I’m seriously impressed with your cinchy-ness. I think you may just be the queen of the cinch!



  4. So cute! i love the way it looks :-)

  5. I think Andrea said it best! Right on pitch, Kelly!

    I think you struck the right chord :)

    :) me

  6. Cute! My son, the trombone player… would have a fit though. He about lost it when I made the sheet music paper chain garland last year. LOL!! :)))

  7. Love it…!!!….where do you come up with these great ideas???….Your creativity is definitely in the perfect timbre!

  8. Not how cool is that?!? Puts a song in my heart.

  9. You seriously come up with the best ideas! Love it!

  10. that is a super cute idea – old maps would be great too – I used those for sort of the same idea for one of my kids b-day parties a few years ago! I love sheet music too – if I found a bunch at an estate sale i’d be scooping it up too!

  11. What a wonderfully creative table runner! Love this!

  12. Love this!! might have to raid my moms old sheet music!! :)

  13. So pretty and so creative! Love it!

  14. I love it, the possibilities could be endless too!!

  15. Love this, Kelly! 😉

  16. Great idea…thanks for sharing!!

  17. Musical notes float down the table. Just make sure you pick something that you don’t mind a dinner guest singing while eating! Love the look!

  18. Hey! My table looks like this quite often! No. it’s not sheet music…but BILLS and JUNK MAIL!!!
    You think if I laid them out neatly down the center and put a candle on top… The Honey would notice? Nah! probably not.
    With any luck at all the candle would drip down and set the whole LOT ablaze.

    Well, your’s is pretty anyway! Pat

  19. I love the readymade charm of vintage sheet music. Beautifully done!

  20. Very creative! I love it!


  21. This is so flippen cute Kelly. My FIL just gave me some old music books from the 1930’s. He thought my older boy would be interested in them seeing he is in the Marching band. Little does he know I may have different plans:) Thanks for sharing.

  22. I love this because it looks fabulous, but also because it is so simple. Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Cute idea. Yes, I can see vintage books pages too. Love it.

  24. Love that Kelly! I would have never thought to do that. Thanx for partying at my place!

  25. Thanks you so much for the idea. I love it and I am totally going to use this. I’m thinking vintage Christmas sheet music during the holidays. I’m your newest follower and a fellow newbie graduate. Would love it if you’d follow me back.

  26. Cute idea! I’ve been using book pages to make little bags. Your sheet music would make perfect larger ones!

    Visiting from DIY Project Parade


  27. Christina at I Gotta Create! says:

    Simple perfection! Great idea.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

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