Simplified Fall Mantel

You all know I’ve got lots of “stuff”.

Stuff found at estate sales and flea markets.

Vintage, fabulous stuff – but stuff nonetheless.

So I’m craving simplicity …

starting with my fall mantel.

fall mantel decorating ideas

A few pears from the farmer’s market.

An old wire basket filled with mason jars.

Fall Mantel decorating ideas - this is gorgeous!

Sticks collected during a walk in the woods.

simple fall mantel decorating ideas - this is gorgeous!

It’s all the stuff this mantel needs.

In case you are wondering about my abundance of stuff, check out my collections to see what I mean.

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  1. Kelly – it looks beautiful! I love the simplicity. I had to keep my focus on the mantel though – that gorgeous light fixture kept grabbing my attention!
    My mantel is far from simple this year (which is why it’s not done yet.). But I do have sticks in a vase! lol. So maybe my elements are simple, just not the overall execution. So now you have me thinking of editing…

    LOVE your mantel!!


  2. I think this is one of my favorites. Less is more for sure… I’m already thinking of editing my fall mantel and I just finished it yesterday – lol! Happy Monday, Kelly!
    xo Heidi

  3. I LOVE IT!!! It’s just perfect in its simplicity. :)

  4. That’s my kind of mantel. Just enough stuff. I love the light fixture too! Great job, as usual!

  5. Kelly, it is perfect. I did a more simple look this year, too.

  6. I love simplicity and your mantel looks great. xo

  7. It’s so simple and perfect! Just stunning! And what an amazing light fixture!!!

  8. I am so loving your “simplified mantel”….off to get started on my fall projects…a tad behind!!…

  9. simplicity at it’s best!!

  10. Kelly, it is just beautiful! Love the branches!

  11. Your mantel is simply perfect, Kelly.

  12. Perfect! I love the simplicity of natural elements.
    Mary Alice

  13. i pinned it- love its simplicity and the pop of green!

  14. Why am I just now seeing that light fixture. Seriously. No wonder those pears are turning green with envy.

    :) me

  15. What sort of smarty thinks to put fresh fruit in canning jars and lock in the freshness? Great pop of apple color smarty.


  16. Kelly,

    Love it! Sometimes less IS more!

  17. Looks great, love the pop of pear green. So simple, yet so elegant.
    Debbie :)

  18. Love the simplicity of it!

  19. Kelly, that is really pretty! i love simple things. This is perfect. love that mantle!

  20. szinteriors says:

    Beautiful – pears are one of my favorite things to welcome fall in, but displayed in a mason jar never occured to me! The wire baskets are perfect.

  21. It is so simple, yet so stunning at the same time! LOVE the branches.

  22. SO SO pretty!!! I looooove the classic clean and elegant look. Well done :)

  23. Love the simplicity and I love that chandy! Take care, Laura

  24. So pretty! I love the green pears! I’ve pinned this.

    PS. I’m having a Fall Mantel Link Party on October 8th and I’d love you to link up. Don’t worry– I’ll remind you closer to that day. Who can remember that far in advance?! 😉

  25. I like it. And sometimes… simple is so welcome. You really enjoy the texture and feel of each piece then. Beautiful Kelly :)

  26. This is so much more my style. I love the big displays of all the abundant Fall beauty, but I am much more apt to create a “peared” down (ha ha) display. (at the rate I am going, we will be lucky if I get a pumpkin……

  27. Simply beautiful! I wish I could do this, but I always end up adding more, and more, and more! laurie

  28. kelly,
    that light fixture was grabbing my attention too! where ever did you find it?
    i do love the simplicity of your mantel…just perfect.

  29. We are all being simpletons this year! LOVE your mantel Kelly. Really pretty and so perfectly balanced and just enough to get the gist. You rocked it.

  30. Simply divine. Simple perfect. Simply stuff free …

    Love it!



  31. Simply perfect…I love it!! Laurel

  32. It is just gorgeous, simple, elegant and fabulous!

  33. i think that simplicity is beauty and this is great epitome of that. great job!

    Linking back from Centsational girl

  34. I love it! It’s natural, grabs your attention because of the bright green pears, and the dark branches against the light walls are striking! Beautiful!

  35. It’s beautiful and elegant! I absolutely LOVE that light! How have I not noticed it before?!?! It is simply breathtaking!!

  36. Kelly-Your mantel is perfect. The simplicity, the pears, the sticks-just great!

  37. Your simple mantle looks spectacular. For me, less is always more.

  38. kristieshelton says:

    Love your mantel and your Blog! You have great Style! Found you at WOW!

  39. It’s beautiful Kelly!! Love the pears & all of the wood branches! Simply perfect!

  40. I love your mantel! Beautifully simple!

  41. Love this. And please tell me the paint color of your living room if you will. I absolutely love it!

  42. I found your mantel on Sand and Sisal. Never visited before. Love your mantel and LOVE your light fixture. I am building a house and wish I could include it in mine.

  43. This is a lovely mantel, Kelly–I especially like the green of the pears combined with the pops of black! Hope you’re having a great week, and on to a wonderful weekend! We’ve been up to our eyeballs in projects for the living room and dining room–hope to have them done in the next week or two! I am realizing once again it takes a long time for paint to dry, and I’m not a very patient wait-er!

  44. Just stunning. I am such a copycat, I really would love to give this a try on MY mantel.
    It would be a great COPY CAT for DebbieDoo’s monthly Copy Cat Challenge..
    Alas, I have no beautiful mirror…maybe a chalk board would work….or an awesome painting…or a cute shelf….or…….SEE, you have me sooo inspired. :))
    xo bj

  45. This mantel looks absolutely beautiful!!! I love the colors and the simplicity of it. The light fixture is amazing! I would love to redo a room in my home around that!

  46. Love your fall mantel. Kelly!
    Where did you find that awesome light fixture I see hanging?
    That is so cool!

    Love your style.

    Thanks for sharing!

  47. Wow, that really looks great! So simple, and beautiful.

  48. So neat, love your light fixture too!

  49. What’s the wall color?


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