The Perfect Party Snack Recipe & Stress Free Party Tips

Perfect Party Appetizers - Rosemary Walnuts with a Kick!

I threw a surprise party for my hubs with only a few days notice.

Was I stressed?

No way because I know the keys to throwing an amazing party.

1) Great Music – set the party mood.

2) Signature Cocktail – no need to stock a full bar.  I create one festive cocktail and have plenty of wine and sparkling seltzer on a tray so everybody can help themselves.

Cocktail Party - set out glasses and bottles so everyone can help themselves

3) Food – don’t slave over the oven.  Choose make ahead foods and recipes you have down pat.

(see the simple recipe for these addictive rosemary walnuts below)

Perfect Party Rosemary Walnuts with a Kick!  these are addictive!  perfect party appetizers from

4) Candles – dim the lights because everyone looks better by candlelight (and nobody will notice the dust bunnies in the corner).  See how to make my snowy mason jar candles.

5) Simple Decorations – you don’t have to spend tons on fresh flowers.  Use what you have like my cloche filled with marshmallows straight from the pantry.

Stress Free Party Throwing Tips

A walk down memory lane with lots of old pictures displayed on my antique chalkboard.

50th Birthday party

Of course, no party is complete without dessert …

Personalized PIcture Cake- perfect for a milestone birthday

and coffee …

I like having everything set out on a tray before guests arrive so I’m not scrambling to find mugs or sugar during the party.


Now for one of my all time favorite, simple party appetizers.

A touch of heat from cayenne pepper give these walnuts a kick.

Impossible to eat just one, serve them and watch them disappear.

Perfect Party Rosemary Walnuts with a Kick!  these are addictive!  perfect party appetizers from

Perfect Party Rosemary Walnut Recipe

*1/4 stick unsalted butter
*2 teaspoons garlic salt
*1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
*2 teaspoons dried, crushed rosemary
*2 cups walnut halves

- Preheat oven to 350
- Line baking sheet with parchment paper
- Melt butter in nonstick skillet
- Add garlic salt, cayenne and rosemary
- Stir for 1 minute
- Add walnuts and toss to coat
- Spread walnuts on baking sheet
- Bake 15 minutes
- Remove from sheet and let cool

Watch your guests devour them and then demand the recipe!

Adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks – Perfect Party Food.


Contains affiliate link but I only speak the truth –  see my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I totally want to have a party now. :) Happy Birthday to your man!


  2. Sounds like a good way to throw a party without all the stress. Exploding coffee pot? Bummer. The walnuts recipe sounds really good.

  3. Yum!!!!

  4. Great tips Kelly! Looks like you had a ton of fun, on my way to my bro-in-laws 50th today:). I will be trying the walnut recipe with the Rosemary, which I am obsessed with, I noticed you like it too! Have a great Sunday, Jen

  5. Hi Kelly,
    I think we’ll try your walnut recipe with pecans. We have a few pecan trees in our yard. It sounds really good. I’ll let you know how it works with pecans.

  6. Love your table decor! Everything looks great, and that recipe…I just have to pin it!
    Debbie :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful 50th birthday party – I had one too this year! Love those walnuts – must try soon.

  8. Hi Kelly,
    I saw the pics from your party on FB and it looked like everybody had a blast. I was going to say that we would try your walnut recipe with pecans, but I notice that Rhett already said that! Love that display of your husband’s pictures. We’re giving my mother a 90th birthday party in a few weeks so I’m gathering pictures of her now. Will try to find those number balloons-they are really cool!

  9. Hi Kelly,
    It looks like an amazing party! I am going to bookmark the recipe for spiced walnuts! YUM!

  10. Looks like a lot of fun. So sorry about the exploding Coffee Pot! We had an exploding punch bowl at my wedding, but no one told me until after it was cleaned up. Didn’t want to make the bride nervous!

    I make the EXACT same Rosemary Walnuts. Gourmet Magazine cookbook, Ruth Reichl’s amazing recipe? That is where I discovered mine. I also discovered that adding some Brown Sugar to this recipe makes them over the top, and even more addictive. To the point where I can eat them for lunch, every day, for at least a month.

  11. Looks like a super fun party Kelly!! Was the hubba surprised? LOVE the “still got it” on the cake. Too stinking cute. Great idea ;) Exploding+ almost everything is not a good combo. No fun!!

  12. Cannot wait to try these walnuts!

  13. Sounds like the party was a blast, minus the exploding coffee pot. But did anyone do the worm?

    And your stress-free tips tie in well with the ones I just shared in my Google+ hangout.

    Hope you’re recovered from the par-tay!

  14. We had a party this weekend too, and I agree with all your tips. For us, as long as there is champagne for girls, scotch for boys, and some nice low lighting, we are good to go!

  15. I have a party next week that I have to plan for….I am so far behind…where is the catering menu????… the walnut recipe…and how does a coffee pot explode?….:)…oh and love, love those Hometalk mugs!!!

  16. Thanks for the tips and the recipe…I am going to use that one on Monday for a party!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  17. This looks amazing and sounds yummy. Love all your party tips! Thanks!

  18. Your party table looks great, I’m sure it was a huge hit! Thanks for the rosemary walnut recipe – we have a big, big walnut tree in our yard and a rosemary bush too, perfect!

  19. YUMMY

  20. Ha, the mason jar on the tree is too funny. Love the marshmallows in the globe stand – great idea.

  21. I know I’m late to the party and I really want to make these for Thanksgiving but I want to make sure I have it right. Is that 1/4 stick of butter or 1/4 cup of butter?? Thanks so much!


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