Collectingitis – Colorful Vintage Glass Decanters


Eclectically Vintage


Ciao Bella!

These mid century decanters rival the great works of the Italian masters.

Eclectically Vintage


Ok, so maybe they aren’t the Sistine Chapel but they are still amazing.


Eclectically Vintage


And with the light streaming through their textured glass, I can almost hear the angels singing.


Eclectically Vintage


I mean, who wouldn’t want to be served a glass of Chianti from one of these beauties?


Eclectically Vintage


Of course, it would be even better to sip that vino while people watching in the Piazza San Marco.


Eclectically Vintage


But since I’ll have to wait awhile before my next visit to Italy …

at least I’ve got these Italian bombshells to make me happy.


Eclectically Vintage

What do you collect?


This is the tip of my collecting iceberg – check out more of my collections here!

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  1. WOW!! They are stunning

  2. These are GORGEOUS, Kelly! Did you collect them individually or did you luck upon the lot of them?? I’ll take a glass of chianti, please. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    xo Heidi

  3. Kelly, love all that color. My collections are too long to llst.

  4. They are absolutely beautiful with the light streaming through them and they are the perfect eclectic vibe that you have going!

  5. The colors are amazing!

  6. What a stunning collection. Love how the light shines through to catch the colors even better.
    Mary Alice

  7. jealous. these are just beautiful!

  8. Veramente bella!

  9. Such happy cheery colours to brighten a dreary winter’s day!

  10. I love colored glass. Before I list what I collect, define how many it takes to officially have a collection of something.


  11. I collect junk…..does that count? LOL! Love the new picture!

    :) me

  12. Those are truly beautiful…so where did you find such beauties!…so love the colors!…Oh gosh, what do I collect…way too much stuff!!…starting collecting when I was a teenager…got the bug from a favorite aunt of mine…and that was a very, very long time ago!!!

  13. Love all the colors. I collect blue “Ball” jars. I think I collect them for the same reason you collect these beauties – the light shining through them just makes me happy.

  14. Ooh love them, I’ll take that glass of chianti please :)

  15. Lovely!! I have the amber and blue ones – they were my grandmother’s and I received them upon her death. I have so many doggone collections but I think my favorite are my fabulous vintage drinking graphic glasses and pedestal coffee cups with 70’s graphics on them. I have one set (gathered one by one here and there over a period of 10 years) that sells regularly on eBay for $300, but I wouldn’t give them up because they remind me of my childhood!

  16. Beautiful collection Kelly! I tend to go in streaks with my finds.I can’t pass on an old telephone insulator…they line my kitchen window. Also love my grandmothers cook books I inherited. So I find myself gravitating to used book stores probably more than I should! I think of the history behind each piece and recipe….priceless!

  17. Oh those are so pretty Kelly! I collected vintage tea pots back in the day. I still have them boxed up from our move 6 years ago. I took out three sets and that was it. I must have 100 of them.

  18. SO gorgeous!!!

  19. Oh, wow! They are absolutely gorgeous! So what do I collect? Lots of things, and it looks like I’m about to add another. And to think, I sold that pretty purple decanter I had. Grrrr…. Now I want it back.

    Found you through Worthing Court. Enjoying your blog and am certainly subscribing! :-)

  20. I don’t usually feel strong pangs of jealousy when I look at other’s blog posts and things they have or have done, but wow did I feel it looking at these!! I want those! What a gorgeous collection of glass bottles. I am especially enamored with that gold one! Hubba hubba!

    What do I collect? Currently I am collecting unanswered emails and unread blog posts. I am also collecting empty brain cells, lost schedules, and general “can’t get it togetheredness” type items. Hopefully I will find and collect my Mojo by next week ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. These are truly majestic in their own way! i can see why the obsession. I collect milk glass and green glass for now, and starting a bit of brass decor too. The hunt I think is what makes it all the more fun don’t you think?! Enjoy!

  22. Wow. Those are beautiful – and so regal. You must be Royalty.

  23. Kelly, I tell you, if I came across things like your gorgeous collection that weren’t prohibitively expensive, I’d be collecting them. Now collecting old kitchen things, milk bottles, measuring cups, ceramic butter churn. cake tine, pretty eclectic except for the bond of kitchen.

  24. Hi Kelly
    I love your collection, I have the tall yellow one on the righ in the back. I don’t collect them, it was given to me from my mother-in-law. Do you know how old they would be or if they are worth anything. I don’t collect anything but i do have a passion for making jewelry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Love your collection. We have two Italian decanters. A purple one that my wife gave her mother in the 60s and a blue one that I just picked up at a thrift shop. I’ll keep searching!

  26. Beautiful pieces!
    I have a question for you though. Have you ever run across any Italian marble 3-D liquor decanters in the shape of a duck or fish? I have a rare set that I cannot find anywhere on the internet ever and need help!

    Let me know if you want a pic.


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