Vintage Suitcase Bar


Vintage Suitcase Bar - one of the many vintage finds reimagined at

We go together like
rama lama lama 
ke ding a de dinga a dong
remembered for ever like
shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom

Vintage Suitcase Bar - one of the many vintage finds reimagined at

What do you get when you combine two of my favorite things …

a vintage suitcase and


Vintage Suitcase Bar - one of the many vintage finds reimagined at

A bar worthy of any Mad Man or Woman.

Yes, I blatantly stole the suitcase bar idea from this gal – but I’ll pay her back with one of my famous Kellyritas.

Vintage Suitcase Bar - one of the many vintage finds reimagined at

Remember the vintage suitcase I had to wrestle out of the hands of Cari from Cash and Cari?

Ok, it didn’t go exactly like that but doesn’t that sound much more dramatic?

Like I said, all is fair in love and flea market finds.


Here’s to re-jiggering our vintage finds.

Pun intended – cheers!


P.S. Want to pop your cork?  Check out my vintage corkscrew collection!


P.P.S. Hope everyone had a fabulous Father’s Day.

Ignore my hubby’s bed head and the blurry cell phone pic and focus on the candy gram!

Father's Day Candy Gram - he loved it and the kid's had a blast making it!

Update – I’ve had a few requests for the words we used on our candy gram poster so here you go:

To our “Whoppers” of a Dad
You are worth more than “100 Grand” and have “Mounds” of love
You are no “Nerds”, you are one “Hot Tamales”
We are the “3 Musketeers” when we go out and we “Snickers” and “Krackel” at all your jokes
You “Eclipse” all other dads and we hit the “Payday” when you became our dad
Love your “Sugar Babies”

And a little dad/daughter time.


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  1. super cute post. great idea.wonderful dad pictures!

  2. You’re awesome! (And so are your dh, kids and dad) I LOVE your place here, it inspires me (sorry I shouted, my bad)so I gotta get busy~~flea markets to raid, barns to get lost in, doncha know.

  3. Laura Jo says:

    Love all your Pics. What a lovely family. Your liquor bar is awesome. Beckons you back to the Sinatra era…makes you want to get dressed up, put on your finest attire and have a Martini! Yea, Baby!

  4. I love your “re-jiggering” comment! Such sweet dad pictures too. I like your dad’s pants!!!
    Just think of the possibilities a suitcase has; and you don’t even need to leave home! I wonder if my kiddos would appreciate a “book bar in a suitcase”. I know I would! I always get inspired when I click to visit you! Make it a great week… jules

  5. Oh that is the neatest idea! I love vintage suitcases. I have seen them used in many different ways. Love this one! Cute:)

  6. Too cute. Love it!

  7. Love that suitcase bar you created! And the card for Dad was super cool!

  8. Awww….that picture of your sweet dad is priceless! Super cute idea with the briefcase….totally Mad Men! Happy belated Father’s Day to your family!

    Happy day!

  9. I am in love with that bar!!! And now I feel like I need to watch Nascar with your dad, how cute is he in his Dale Jr pants!?!?!

  10. Clever and creative idea!

  11. Shawna Marie says:

    Adore the booze case! I had a thought for an upcoming blog post. I love my home and collectibles, but I’m beginning to accumulate a bit too many and it’s starting to get that tacky look ( and NOT in a good way). I don’t mind selling, but its so hard to decide what I simply cannot live without. Help me Kelly and I’ll be your bff forever!

    • Just drop everything off at my house!! My poor hubby would have a heart attack so unfortunately that won’t work! I feel your pain – it’s a thin line between collecting and hoarding! I say, keep only what you truly love – things with meaning. Get rid of the rest – have an amazing yard sale! Then, with the money you earn, you can buy even more stuff (just kidding)!! I was rearranging my living room – and have decided to get rid of stuff I don’t love anymore (but feel obligated to keep because I spent a lot of money on it). Not a good reason to keep anything so I’ll be hauling some big pieces of furniture to the consignment shop and donating some to the thrift shop. It’s time to clean house – or they may just call Hoarders on us!

  12. Great post Kelly your posts always give me a smile. What a great idea, I love it!!


  13. Oh what a great post! Awesome idea with the suitcase! Ours is currently being used as a kitty bed. I put a big pillow in it two years ago and I swear? My rather chubby calico hasn’t moved since! As long as she’s happy right?

  14. Fantastic suitcase idea! Cute what your kids did with the candy. :-)

  15. Anna Reinhardt says:

    Like the suit case idea but would like to get the words to the Father’s Day card using the candy bars. I am a teacher and go wild when I see ideas like the card. Could you possibly send the words on the card plus the names of the candy bars. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

    • To our “Whoppers” of a Dad
      You are worth more than “100 Grand” and have “Mounds” of love
      You are no “Nerds”, you are one “Hot Tamales”
      We are the “3 Musketeers” when we go out and we “Snickers” and “Krackel” at all your jokes
      You “Eclipse” all other dads and we hit the “Payday” when you became our dad
      Love your “Sugar Babies”

  16. Coolest bar tray I’ve seen Kelly!! Love, love it! Now I’m hesitant to show my ‘clearance bar’ – basically everything on it and around it was on clearance! LOL! Glad to see the men in your life with big smiles on their faces!!!

  17. Love it Kelly! I’m in the process of creating a “bar” room for my hubby so am addicted to seeing people’s bars lately-the suitcase is fantastic!

  18. Re-jiggering indeed, Kelly!! I’ll be right over for a Kelly-rita!
    xo Heidi

  19. This is awesome, Kelly! I love any reason to have a cocktail….especially martinis!! This is such a great idea!! Love it!~~Angela

  20. Love this, Kelly! I love the idea of using a suitcase. So creative!!

  21. The word cool doesn’t even begin to do this project justice. You could take a duffel bag, arrange some glasses and things in it and it would look like the hippest thing around. I don’t drink, but I sure am admiring how awesome this project is.

    I love Candygrams, lucky daddy! The pic with your daddy is so sweet! I wish I still had my dad here. He was so awesome. So important to cherish our dads!

  22. What a great idea! I’m going to have to copy this one! I have a few really cool vintage suitcases and collect vintage barware too! ~Delores

  23. That beverage bar is awesome! So fun!!

  24. Love that! I really need a bar area to keep my liquor in, and make it cute. If I had a bar area then I’d probably need more liquor to fill it up. Win-win.

  25. I love this idea Kelly, this may be the solution to my desire for a bar cart and the lack of space for one.

  26. haha! just saw this.LOVE it!

  27. I am crushing on that suitcase bar!!! Fantastic idea, but you always have fantastic ideas Kelly! Love the Fathers day pics too!

  28. I am in LOVE with that bar, kelly. For real. If it disappears, you might check my house. lol So fun! And also love that fun candy-gram and your pic with your Dad. So sweet!!

  29. Love this idea so much!! I’ve been working on a suit case make over for months (or not working on I should say). Complete procrastination. I wish I would have just done this instead! Great photos of your family too XO

  30. OMG…that is awesome! Now I want to go out and find an old suitcase :)

  31. LOL – I thought I had an original idea for the suitcase bar since I had the idea first and searched Pinterest later. Question though – I am trying to think of a way to make the lid stay open and not be able to slam shut shattering my decanters that I have been scouring thrift shops for – any thoughts on how to do that?

    Great project!


  32. Hi, Can you tell me the size of your suitcase?

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