DIY Antique Monogrammed Window


DIY Monogram Antique Window - simple way to make your own monogram on any piece of glass.

18 cents!

That’s how much it cost me to make my very own antique monogrammed window.


The planets aligned when …

I wrote about my favorite unique repurposed windows

then my neighbors threw away some antique windows …

(which I shamelessly plucked from their dumpster – after I brushed up on my dumpster diving skills)!


Math and Kelly are not BFFs but let’s do the addition.

Free antique window + 18 cent enlargement from Staples + a little paint I had on hand = world’s cutest monogrammed window!


How to Make a Monogrammed Window

1) Find an old window in your neighbor’s dumpster or use a piece of glass

2) Choose your favorite font in Word for your monogram

I used book antiqua at 500 pts

3) Have Staples enlarge your monogram (18 cents)!

My glass measurement was 15″ x 24″ so I enlarged the E to about 3x it’s size  (12″ x 20″) so it would fit nicely on the glass

4) Tape your enlarged monogram onto the front side of glass so you can paint on the back and have a nice smooth finish on the front

DIY Monogram Antique Window - simple way to make your own monogram on any piece of glass.

5) Use acrylic craft paint (I used Martha Stewart beetle black) and a flat edge paint brush to trace the outline of your monogram

(You can see through the thin printer paper to make your outline)

DIY Monogram Antique Window - simple way to make your own monogram on any piece of glass.

6) Fill in the monogram with more black paint – I did two coats, allowing the paint to dry between coats

DIY Monogram Antique Window - simple way to make your own monogram on any piece of glass.

7) Display your cool new monogrammed window!

DIY Monogram Antique Window - simple way to make your own monogram on any piece of glass.

Best 18 cents I ever spent!


I heart monograms – check out what else I monogrammed here.

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  1. Kelly, this is an awesome idea and would also make a great gift! Thanks so much for this wonderful inspiration – pinning and sharing on my FB page today! Have a happy Monday!

  2. Really Love this one. Wish I could dumpster some windows and doors! A great share today.

  3. Very cute, Kelly! I love that you didn’t paint the frame and that you left the old piece of chain.

  4. Super cute project Kelly!

  5. Very cute project!

  6. So cute!

  7. What a creative idea!

  8. Love this, Kelly.

  9. sah-weet! Great find and great repurpose!

  10. Super cute project! I love anything with an old window!

    Happy day!

  11. I realeee likeeee your eeeee. So I pinned it.

  12. Well guess what I’m doing today? I have an old window. I have paint. I know how to get to Staples.
    Pinned and Planned.

    xoxo jules

  13. Fantastic Kelly!….nothing like a 18 cent project that looks like a million bucks!!

  14. Love this Kelly!! I like the wood of the window being left alone!!


  15. You are the second person today that has totally scored from the dumpsters! Apparently, I am checking the wrong places! lol! Next week, many of the students who have stayed over the summer start moving apartments and houses…I’m excited to go driving around trying to score some good items! 😉

  16. Kelly,

    That looks like a great gift idea. My friend’s name is Erica and a big E would be perfect.

    Can I have it?

    No i’m just joking.

    But when I saw that blue general electric fan I’m like I want it!!!! Ahhh

    What a great find.

    Do I have to haunt a thrift store for that? I’m going to try ebay first. But I’m not ready to go bankrupt to buy these treasures!



  17. Looks great, Kelly! I love windows. The end. :-)

  18. Very cute! When I saw you tape it to the window I thought you would have to cut out the letter, then trace around it, then try to paint it in. Duh. Just flip it over and paint from behind. Makes a whole lot more sense! Thanks for the idea!

  19. Great idea!! So simple (right up my ally!) yet elegant. Love it!

  20. Love this idea…have a few windows and always thought of vinyl.. This is genius!

    Thanks for sharing


  21. So cute! Can’t beat the price either !

    a fellow Jersey girl, albeit quite a bit older 😀

  22. I think Kelly’s math looks pretty good to me… That’s awesome. Great find and I’d be diving into dumpsters for that window too!!

  23. Nice job Kelly … I am getting ready to do some windows … thanks for the tutorial.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. Well worth the 18 cent investment! LOL! Very cool!

  25. So cool, Kelly! Now I’m on the hunt for some small windows. Looks fabulous on your mantel!

  26. Oh so cute! Love, love, love! Made your Sangria over the weekend for husband’s family? Huge hit! Even for the die hard beer drinkers! Thanks again Kelly!

  27. CA -UTE! I have a whole pile of old windows that I’m brainstorming ideas on, loved your round up post too. Got my wheels turning…

  28. This is so cool ~ A Big Monogrammed E for effort, excellence and for being exceptional! 😉

  29. Ahah! That’s why you had that fascination with all those window projects, you were cooking up something cool!!!! Love it dear!

  30. I just found this on Pinterest – what a great look! I’ve seen something like that on glass plates, but never thought to do it on an old window like that. Beautiful!

  31. Totally stealing that idea. Love it!

  32. Love it Kelly. Love the dumpster diving, the window, and the 18 cent monogram. Perfect!

  33. Love it! It turned out so well!

  34. Love it! This turned out so great!

  35. I really like this look!

  36. Your monogrammed window turned out beautiful, love the price tag too!!

  37. Monograms are hip! Love your tute Kelly! Pinned!

  38. What a cool idea!! You could use this in picture frames too. In fact I will! Pinning so I will remember this project. Thanks for the nice link back too :)

  39. Love it Kelly! Sharing it today on FB!

  40. LOVE this!! I’ve seen some similar decor items at the store but they were much more than 18 cents! :) I will keep an eye out for old windows to try this out.

  41. This is amazing, Kelly! What a brilliant idea!!!!!

  42. Love this Kelly! I’ve gotta find an old window now! … or maybe a frame with glass :) Great look!

  43. What a great blog and project. Thanks for your great tutorial. I just reposted your project on my blog.


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