Make it: Acorn Vase (& More Free Decorating with Nature Ideas)


Make an #Acorn Vase following this simple tutorial


Music to my ears.

Decorating with Nature - great free ideas!

Thanks Mother Nature for the supplies to deck my home for fall.

The next time you’re out for a walk, start looking at branches, pinecones, rocks and acorns in a new light and you just might be amazed at what you can create.

How to make an acorn vase - follow these DIY instructions

Make an Acorn Vase

Supplies:  acorns, plastic container, hot glue gun, brown spray paint or craft paint

Acorn Craft Supplies - make an acorn vase!

1) Take advantage of child labor and send your kids into the yard to collect acorns (or just gather them yourself).

2) Heat the acorns to kill any bugs hiding inside.  I know, gross but true (I saw a few little white wriggling guys among my acorns).  Sort through your stash and throw away any acorns with holes or rot then line an old cookie sheet with tinfoil, pour the acorns onto the sheet, put in the oven for two hours at 200 degrees (shake the pan every 1/2 hour or so to prevent burning).  Let them cool on the pan overnight or until completely cool.

3) Paint a clean plastic container with brown spray paint and let dry (I used metallic copper because that’s what I had on hand).

4) Start hot gluing acorns onto the container beginning at the bottom  and working your way around.  Start a new row above and keep going until the container is covered.  Now you can go back in with smaller acorns and layer them over bare areas.

Note:  Make sure none of the acorns go below the bottom of the container or it will not stand upright.  If any caps are missing, simply hot glue them onto the acorn (or just use without the caps).

5) Add your favorite flower (I cut some sedums), set on your windowsill and admire nature’s beauty (and your craftiness).


Want more FREE decorating ideas?

I’ve also blinged out some place card pinecones for the perfect place card holders (now you won’t have to worry about Aunt Betty getting into an argument with Uncle Mortimer – just seat them far apart).

#Pinecone Place Card Holder - make some with a  little bit of bling for a festive table

Or you can grab a branch (that just fell on your garage) before you hubby hauls it away.  See more of my fall mantel here.

Fun #fall mantel decorating ideas - love the chalkboard and branch!

Got fruit trees?  Pick a few apples for instant color to liven up any room.

See my fall house tour filled with more fun decorating ideas.

Decorating with Fruit - brighten up any space

Of course, hydrangeas are near and dear to my heart and can be used fresh or dried.

And don’t toss those empty wine bottles either – instant vases.

Hydrangea Centerpiece

See my simple way to dry hydrangeas so you can enjoy them all year long.


Want some more decorating inspiration from Mother Nature?

Check out what my creative, nature loving friends have come up with.

Fabulous_Fall-Decorating-Ideas-Unskinny-Boppy-watermarked(1) Jennifer Rizzo button fall-mantel-thistlewood Nature-inspired-fall-dining-room Fabulous-Fall-Button-GF Makely-School-for-Girls Twig-Lampshade-150

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  1. Kelly, this vase is just fabulous!!!! I totally love it and now I have to go hunt up some acorns. :) Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful idea – have a happy Wednesday!

  2. Very cute! I was wondering about the bug thing :)

  3. Do I like the acorn vase? I pinned it.

  4. Very cute, Kelly. Pinning!

  5. I do love that vase!! I just passed a huge pile of acorns and don’t remember where… I will have to figure that out and go back for them!! That is such a beautiful idea!! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Hey, I used child labor to help with my projects too! He’s closer to the ground than I am, so it worked out great. 😉 Love your acorn vase, Kelly! This was fun!

  7. LOL! Love the vase….and I laughed out loud when I saw the wriggly worm comment….don’t even get me started on acorns and bugs. :) The projects are amazing and happy fall to you.

    Happy day to you rock star!

  8. PS Pinned to the fall bhg board. :)

  9. The cutest idea! I love all the texture. I wish I had some Acorns or Pine Cones around here! I will pick up a bunch of dried grass, there is plenty of that while I am walking around!

  10. Nice! I’ve been picking up acorns when we walk the dog. Plus, found two awesome lichen covered branches in my yard that are coming inside. Do you think I need to spray coat them with a clear finish or can I just leave natural? Thanks Kelly. :)

  11. I love this vase Kelly!! Such a clever idea and what a great look!! I’m totally going to look for Acorns so that I can make one!

  12. So cute!! I love acorns and this is definitely so creative and unique! Love the sedum in it, I miss mine. I had several at the old house.


  13. This is adorable and I a huge acorn lover!! Thanks for telling us to heat them up and about the bugs. For some reason I never thought of that, pretty stupid, LOL!!! I voted yesterday!


  14. Cute vase…great ‘free’ ideas. I needed that. Just left my kids book fair.why can’t books be free!

  15. Love it Kelly!! Gotta put my kids to work collecting acorns for me now! 😉

  16. Thanks for the inspiration Kelly. No acorns here … too dry … but love your vase.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  17. Hopped over from Twitter . Yes your acorn vase is way cool!

  18. Great ideas here, Kelly! I love your chalkboard and the way you styled the hydrangeas in the old bottles in the old wire basket. Cute!

  19. Kelly, I adore it! The sedum is so pretty with the acorns!!

  20. This is just so fun, Kelly! You always have great ideas. Pinning! Have a great rest of the weekend, Claire

  21. I love the acorn vase. The Uptown Acorn may need to make one soon. Thanks for the tutorial:)

  22. Love them all,and I’m voting for you right now.

  23. I do like your acorn vase! Hmmm, there’s an acorn tree close to my house too – I think I might go walk over there later! Thanks for the great idea!

  24. That’s so AWESOME! My youngest son loves to collect acorns…this could be a fun activity for him! :)

  25. Kelly:
    Great post. I have three inedible Chestnut trees in my yard and as it is the Fall here in PEI the Chestnuts
    are ready to be picked. I certainly could adapt them to your vase idea here. As they are so pretty I was wondering if you have any ideas How I could use them in a DIY craft. I tried placing them in a glass container, but they went moldy. Thanks


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