What’s Your Style? How to Define Your Style & a Giveaway

What's Your Style - see how to create an eclectic space using what you love eclecticallyvintage.com

What’s my style?

Hmmmm, that’s hard to define.

From farmhouse to shabby to industrial to mid century modern, I love it all.

Somehow, my hodgepodge of finds manages to live together in peace and harmony.

My Style = Eclectically Vintage of course!


By the way – a big thank you to Jenna from Rain On a Tin Roof and Jamie from So Much Better with Age for including me in this fun What’s Your Style series.


My living room is the perfect example.

Chances are if you visit me next month, this room will look completely different than it does today.

One day it might look like this …

What's your style?  Create an eclectic space using what you love! eclecticallyvintage.com

another day it could look like this with a vintage gallery wall …

See how to create an eclectic style in your home eclecticallyvintage.com

but sometimes changes to a family wall …

Family gallery wall eclecticallyvintage.com

blink and it could even look like this with vintage collections moving round and round.

See how to create an eclectic style eclecticallyvintage.com

This is my living room today.

The formality of the camelback sofa (which I would love to replace!) is downplayed by pairing it with two mid-century club chairs in their original blue velvet fabric.

A new glass coffee table with an antiqued mirrored base is miles apart style wise from my antique wallpaper pasting table.

Eclectic living room - see how to create your own eclectic style eclecticallyvintage.com

Eclectic living room - see how to create your own eclectic look eclecticallyvintage.com

Vintage demijohn collection eclecticallyvintage.com

Demijohn collection eclecticallyvintage.com

A pair of green Asian chairs pair with an Asian armoire that all share space with a collection of globes.

Asian armoire with globe collection - tour this eclectic living room eclecticallyvintage.com

I’m all about vintage collections.

Group thrift shop finds together and they’ll look like a million bucks.

Vintage green glass eclecticallyvintage.com

I’ve had this console table forever and would love to find it a new loving home (not mine!) but in the meantime, I piled it with a few vintage finds and we live in harmony.

Love the eclectic pieces in this living room eclecticallyvintage.com

Don’t be afraid to buy what you love.

Move things around your home to find the perfect spot …

then move them again for a fresh look.


Here’s to being eclectically vintage!

You can see my house tour to get a better sense of how my crazy mish mash of vintage, new, thrift shop finds and curbside castoffs combine into one very eclectic space.


Hop over to visit Danika from Gorgeous Shiny Things where she’s showing off her unique style.

What's your style series - define your style!

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Mohawk is helping to define your style with a rug giveaway – details below.


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  1. Beautiful and perfectly eclectically vintage! I love those blue chairs and all your glassware is gorgeous!

  2. Marianne Poteet says:

    Lovely. I especially noticed the stuffed “fruit” in the wing chair. A unique touch!

  3. I love it every way! The grey walls look fabulous with your accessories, and I love the blue and green glass – great for a beachy look as well.

  4. ColleenB. says:

    your rafflecopter isn’t showing up.
    My style is a bit of everything; some of this and some of that. I buy what I like and work it into what I already have. Sometimes just changing pillows out makes a big difference.

  5. What a fun series! I love our style and love the mix and match phases of your decor. It’s all perfection.

  6. Love your style and how you switch it up!

  7. I so love your style Kelly!……you have such fabulous collections to achieve the many changes in a room…you keep things so interesting and beautiful…You definitely have your style perfectly described!!!

  8. love it all Kelly…all of it ! xo

  9. Kelly – you always do such a great job changing out your great collections – and of course, this series is perfect for you since your blog is named so well after your style! Take care, Laura

  10. I love your beautiful home and the special way you place everything. You’ve got quite the touch!

  11. Kelly, like always I LOVE all you do ~ let me know when I can move in :)

  12. I love your living room. No matter which way the stuff is arranged. :)

  13. I love the eclectic style. I think its great how you put things together in different ways.

  14. logan wilhelm says:

    You have a creative flair and I love the different looks you achieve from just changing out one collection for another. Amazing the way each changes the room’s overall look! Love! The glass vases in greens is wonderful and so sparkly….each on its own would not pack the punch! Thanks for the ideas.

  15. Awesome Kelly!! I thought your room was beautiful in ANY of the styles!! It’s hard for me to pinpoint just one style too! Why limit yourself, when there’s SO much beauty out there☺ But if I had to label my styling influence, I would probably narrow it down to french farmhouse, rustic, with just a tiny bit of shabby chic! Thanks for all this amazing inspiration!–♥Angie

  16. Kelly, I love your house! Your style is amazing. I’m so happy you were apart of this tour with us. I’m sharing this on my FB page today 😉

  17. I love how many different ways you can change your beautiful living room.

  18. Every time I see your demijohns, makes me want more. Love your style.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. Ahh! Your home is so incredibly fun!!! You have great taste! :) It’s amazing to me how moving a few things around can give a room a fresh new look!

  20. I love your style so much Kelly! Your home is gorgeous!

  21. Kelly your blog always makes me smile. Love the gallery wall, glass and all the light in your home. I guess our style is farm house that wishes it could be at the beach? Sea glass and floats get mixed with my grandmothers quilts and husbands minnow bucket collection. Ya never know around here!

  22. Wow, I love all the unique details in your space! Great tour and series!

  23. JaneEllen says:

    I would have to say I love it all.Every style and theme you showed I loved. You have a very nice home, love it all. Wish I lived close as I’d love to have that console table you want to get rid of.
    I am big on moving things around from room to room, accessories, whatever it might be. I don’t like to be pinned down to any one look or idea. Have always been that way. When we lived in MT and KY I was moving things around, painting walls, sometimes late at night, I’m a night owl. When the urge and inspiration hit I’d go for it.
    Drives hubs crazy. At that time he was gone alot so had all the time in world to do what struck me at a moments notice. I’m a pretty spontaneous person. Hubs would call to ask if I wanted to go to such and such a place, by the time he got home I was packed if it meant I had to take dirty clothes I could wash on the way at a truck stop, I’d be ready. Had to be as many times we had to leave right away.
    I have no idea what style I have, it changes as the mood strikes or I see something different I love. Ah well. Drives our daughter crazy, she comes over and goes from room to room to see what I’ve changed.
    Happy days, have fun being you.

  24. love it! we have similiar tastes. get you some spray painted laquer on that sofa/console table asap… it’ll jazz it right up and be worthy of your space! any howard brand laquer has amazing colors. do it! :)

  25. gorgeous room and fantastic style! you have a gift my friend. you are the mix master!

  26. I did the green glass collection on a shelf in our breakfast room, which is a little room off the kitchen with a look through. A small cutout from kitchen to that room giving the kitchen more light from the two windows in there facing the back yard. There’s a beautiful red bud tree right by the windows. I love my shabby chic, eclectic, vintage, country cottage. That definition covers a lot of territory but that’s basically what my house is. MK

  27. I did the green glass collection on a shelf in our breakfast room. There’s a small cutout between rooms which brings a lot of light into the kitchen from the two windows between tall book shelves. There’s a red bud tree that blooms in the Spring right outside those windows. My house is basically vintage, shabby chic, country, eclectic. That covers a lot of territory but that’s what it is. Lone your website. Full of rooms that are just my thing. Thanks! MK

  28. Meg Roach says:

    I so want your console table. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, & your style… love love love!


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