My Favorite Way to Set a Table and My *# Birthday!


Table Runner Ideas - quick & easy way to get a unique look for your table for next to nothing!

A few weeks ago, I turned *#.

So I invited best friends over to celebrate – because turning *# is definite cause for celebration!

 Faux Bois Table Runner

It was a Kelly’s Favorite Things dinner …

my hubby whipped up margaritas, poured red wine, grilled filet mignon, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts with bacon and finished with chocolate eclairs from my favorite local bakery.


Another favorite thing – a festive table.

So I unrolled some wrapping paper, added colorful napkins and a bunch of tulips – done.

I snapped some cell phone pics because who has time to break out a big camera when margaritas are waiting?

Love this table setting - the runner is gorgeous!

What could be better?


P.S. I may be *# but I don’t feel a day over $@.


wood grain wrapping paper and Ikat napkins:  HomeGoods
numbered napkin rings:  Crate & Barrel

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  1. i love this look- that paper i awesome! and happy birthday!!!!

  2. Kelly,
    A belated Happy Birthday being sent your way. Sounds as if the day was a joyous one combined with good food, friends and family! What more can you ask for. : ) You are truly blessed. Love the table setting, The paper adds a fun addition to your tablesetting.
    Enjoy your 20’s or 30’s! You look beautiful!
    I can give you this much advice, live each day to it’s fullest as they are all wonderful in their own way. How do I know this? I’m decades ahead of you! LOL

  3. Girl, you look FANTASTIC no matter what age you claim! Father Time has been soooo good to you~~I’m jealous! I’m even more jealous of that dh of yours, making you a dinner like that…wootwoot! Mine can scorch water, but his credit card is smokin’ (probably from overuse, hehe). BTW, that table looks marvelous, darling!

  4. Such a pretty table setting. Love the wood grain paper!

  5. Happy happy belated birthday! We’ll have to celebrate again in May!

  6. What a beautiful table and Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

  7. Love your simple and elegant table setting and I am totally stealing the idea of a favorite things birthday party! Using a roll of wrapping paper is just plain genius! Happy belated birthday!

  8. SImply elegant… Wrapping paper??? who’d thunk it?? (great idea)…chuckles…. Happy Birthday to you!!

  9. Happy Birthday Kelly….what an incredibly fun and beautiful table that depicts your personality…i saw some faux wood fabric at Ikea and trying to think of the many uses for it and now you just gave me great inspiration!….

  10. Well, how could you not have had an awesome *# birthday, with a tablescape like that, a fabulous menu and surrounded by your “besties!” The only missing was ME! :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Kelly! Sounds like a wonderful evening…love the wrapping paper idea!

  12. Happy Birthday for you *# birthday lol! WOW the wrapping paper idea was awesome… love it.

  13. What a fun, fun table. Happy *# birthday- you don’t look a day over *!~ seriously!!! xo Diana

  14. Simple & Elegant… Love it!

    Happy Blessed, Beautiful Birthday To You.

  15. Happy Birthday Kelly and what a fund table a great meal it sound like you had. glad you enjoyed!


  16. Rondell says:

    Happy Birthday and love the Ikat napkins and numbered napkin rings!

  17. JaneEllen says:

    Wishing you a very belated B/D. Your table looks exquisite, love the wood grain paper, the tulips, all of it. Hope it was a wonderful party. Happy Spring. I’m heading for my 74th. in July. At my age it’s no secret anymore.

  18. Love those napkins and happy # birthday!

  19. Cute napkins.
    Happy Birthday.

  20. Love the table … using wrapping paper was such a great idea.
    My favorite … the numbered napkin rings.
    Hope your #? birthday as a lot of fun.
    Be Blessed.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. Happy Belated Birthday! Love your table :)

  22. Love that bark wrapping paper runner. Such a cool idea. Happy Birthday to you, my friend. I hope you have a great year!

  23. Love the Woodgrain wrapping paper idea bravo! Happy Birthday lady – just a side note *# = 83 (on the keyboard) which I am SURE you are not hehehe. Happy Birthday!

  24. According to my keyboard you are 83. We are the same age.

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