Eclectic Home Tour – New Old House

Country Living House of the Year 2014 tour

Remember when I spoke at the Country Living Fair?

Just a stones throw away, in Rhinebeck, NY, sits an Americana new-old house filled with charming details.

Welcome to the Country Living House of the Year 2014.

It all starts with a welcoming wraparound porch with striped painted floors.


This is one bold kitchen and I love that there are no upper cabinets and the pull out crates in the island.

Bold kitchen tile

Mixing a new table with antique chairs adds an eclectic feel.

Mixing new table with antique chairs

Details include painting the fifth wall in coral.

Eclectic gallery wall

Cozy living room

Blue and yellow bedroom

Fun pops of color add a youthful appeal to traditional furniture.

Fun pops of color

Head over to the 2014 Country Living House of the Year to take a virtual tour and see more amazing details up close.

Photos: Monica Buck


Compare this house to the gorgeous 2013 House of the Year.


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  1. I really don’t care for the decorating. Love the front porch though.

  2. Love the outside of it but I definitely prefer last year’s interior.

  3. I am not crazy about the interiors of this house, either. Love the architecture. That kitchen tile would drive me crazy.

  4. Sylvia marie says:

    The kitchen is not functional at all,I like the architecture,but its been spoiled with the interior.

  5. I was a little disappointed with the interior. I’m my opinion, last years was much nicer overall.

  6. The outside of this home is super! But the inside is not for me :)

  7. Just received my Country Living September issue and loving the House of the Year…!!

  8. I love that kitchen and how unique the tile was placed on the walls!

  9. hmmm. not so sure about this years. My fav room is probably the dining room.

  10. This house is so poorly decorated, I wrote to the editor of Country Living magazine! It’s muted, muddied colors are a throwback to 60’s early american disastrous decor. Old!

  11. I love the exterior, but don’t care for any of the interior decorations. Way too many looks going on at once….almost too “old and dated” looking. Was very disappointing to see that. :/

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