An Apple a Day – Graphic (and Cheap) Art

ikea fabric, apple fabric

Last year (yes, I tend to buy things and let them collect dust while I debate what I should do with them), I did some calming breathing exercises and a few downward dogs to get myself in the right mental state to enter the behemoth Ikea. The smell of cinnamon buns hypnotized me into stacking random things into my cart like a beautiful … [Read more...]


5 Off the Wall Gallery Walls

Eclectically Vintage Gallery Walls

Who says gallery walls have to be photographs?  Think outside the frame with a Seaside Gallery Wall. Turn an old Plate Rack into a family picture frame. I am a big fan of silhouettes and this Wrap Around Silhouette Gallery Wall would make our ancestors proud. No photos?  No problem - just gather those Thrifted Mirrors and unify … [Read more...]


Funky Art Find

3D Art

Hi everyone!  My town is a bit of a disaster area with downed tree limbs everywhere and almost a week without power.  So we moved into Grandma's house and the kids have had no school for the past four days (talk about quality bonding time)!  Still without power (typing this at libarary) but will hopefully be back home this weekend where I will … [Read more...]