April in Snapshots

Beautiful tulip border eclecticallyvintage.com

Spring is here and it's loud and proud - hear her roar! I'm roaring too - and raring to get outside. I take tons of pics (you can follow me on Instagram to see more) and most don't make it onto the blog so I want to start sharing more of my everyday life. Here's my April in snapshots. My daughter Olivia and I planted these tulips … [Read more...]


My Week That Was


  I'm a big believer in taking tons of pictures. The scrapbooks I made for my girls and the boxes upon boxes of old school prints that I have stored away can attest to that. So when I'm out and about, I love capturing moments on my phone and on my Instagram.   Here's my week that was. What's better than coming out of … [Read more...]


For the Love of a Typewriter and a Fabulous Giveaway


  Once upon a time, back when I sported a blue polyester uniform and saddle shoes, I won a typing award. Yes, I could type a whopping 45 wpm after a year of high school instruction. In college, my parents gave me the latest and greatest in technological advancements - an IBM Selectric. Oh yeah, I was definitely all that and a bag … [Read more...]


My Year with Martha!


  Remember when I met Martha? Well ever since then, I knew it was destiny that our paths would cross again - we are both Jersey girls after all.   My BFF Martha Stewart and I are joining forces for "12 Months of Martha"!   Every month, I'll anxiously peer out my window searching for the mailman to deliver a surprise … [Read more...]


Mission Organization

Eclectically Vintage

Resolutions, goals, fingers crossed, wishful thinking ... whatever you call it, I need to get organized and 2013 is going to by my year! For what looks like a gorgeous Asian armoire hides a dark secret ... prepare yourselves for ... my cluttered shame! So I've got 12 months to get this girl in tip top shape - I'm talking good … [Read more...]


My Latest Obsession – Vintage Bling

Hand Made Vintage Bracelet using vintage finds

You know I love all things vintage for my house. But did you know I have a weakness for vintage jewelry too? Not the kind you can buy from the local jewelry store. The kind that tells a story. The kind that makes people stop you when you're walking down the street and ask, "Where did you get that?" The kind of jewelry with a past. The … [Read more...]


The Popular Table & Conference Networking Tips

1980's High School Class

Remember the popular table? Girls with perfectly feathered hair, skin tight Sasson jeans and electric blue eye shadow. Giggling and having a grand time, they'd hold court in the lunch room every day. The rest of us nibbled our french fries and Diet Cokes and laughed with our own group of friends. But deep down, we all wished we could … [Read more...]


Cozy Reading Corner – My Favorite Space

White Kitchen - Eclectically Vintage

What's your favorite room, space, nook, or hideaway in your house? Is it a bathroom where you can lock the door and hide from your kids for a few minutes? Is it your kitchen where you mix up a mean martini for friends? Is it your porch or patio where you enjoy fabulous weather? Is it your dining room where Thanksgiving … [Read more...]


When I Meet Martha Stewart Tomorrow, Will She Judge Me?

Vase Fish Bowl

My girls have been begging for a dog for years. I have been saying no for years. Well, except for that one time we gave it a go and adopted a rescue dog. After he bit the rescue worker's face, giving her 11 stitches, we were once again dog-less. But we do have fish! Two simple goldfish that have survived in our home for over two … [Read more...]


Farewell to Fall – Already?

Snow Covered Tree

Fall is my favorite season but with just two days to go before Halloween, it's already a wintry day.  I am not ready for that! Time to plant spring bulbs. … [Read more...]


Under $20 Christmas Decor