Forcing Bulbs – Winter Centerpiece

How to force bulbs indoors

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I've got turkey on my mind (and one of the most gorgeous fall centerpieces I've ever seen). Once I've eaten my share of carbs, I'll be focused on decking my halls and sometimes a little planning is in order to get blooms in time for Christmas. Since I can't force my kids to clean their rooms (without lots of … [Read more...]


Putting Around in the Garden


  Do you like putting around in the garden? I spent the day pulling out my pots, hosing off the patio, bringing out the furniture and planting a new ornamental tree, bulbs and tubers. Forget the shovel when you're planting small bulbs and tubers and use a bulb planter.  This makes the job quick and easy. I should know - I planted … [Read more...]


It’s All in the Details for Christmas

Eclectically Vintage Christmas

While some people prefer to Clark Griswold out their homes for the holidays ... sometimes, the simplest details often speak the loudest. So force some bulbs, light a candle, display favorite family photos ... and enjoy.   P.S. That's a pic of my sis and me - can you tell which one is little … [Read more...]