How to Make Plastic Pumpkins Look Real!

How to make fake pumpkins look realistic

Remember when I shared my deep, dark hatred for plastic pumpkin pails. Well, that hatred has been brewing inside of me for years and it's finally trickled down to the lowly fake pumpkin ... or funkin as it's called.  Not that there's anything fun about them. So instead of seething with anger any longer, I decided to turn those pumpkins … [Read more...]


Fall on my Mind and Embossed Metal Leaves

Festive fall centerpiece with DIY embossed metal leaves

Just a few more days until September. Which means fall! Which means fall decorating! I'm busily preparing for my third annual Eclectically Fall Home Tour (15 amazing bloggers homes decked out for fall) so I've got all things fall on my mind. Since I love bling and shiny things, I was happy when my pal Martha sent me this slew of … [Read more...]


How to Preserve Leaves

How to Preserve Leaves

  Faux is good (think fur) but some things are better when they are 100% real. Take these falling leaves - you probably spotted them in my foyer on my Eclectically Fall Home Tour. They are preserved in their original splendor just like good old Mom Nature intended. How to Preserve Leaves Supplies: *Leaves - freshly fallen (not … [Read more...]


How to Make a Chevron Jack O’Lantern … the Easiest Way Ever!

Chevron Jack O'Lantern

  I think I know how Edison felt when he discovered electricity. (p.s. remember my Edison inspired creation).   For I too have discovered something life changing ... the world's easiest way to make a chevron pattern - with a chevron pumpkin (ok, a jack o'lantern to be precise) as my guinea pig.   Remember when I … [Read more...]


Decoupage How To – Drinking Glass (Waterproof & Dishwasher Safe)!

How to Decoupage on Glass

This is a sponsored post but I only speak the truth! I've jumped on the decoupage bandwagon - thanks to Martha Stewart Decoupage. It all started with this beauty.   I've come a long way from my kindergarden days when I created decoupaged masterpieces that my mother was forced - I mean thrilled - to display. I probably ate most … [Read more...]


DIY Cheese Markers from Plastic Toys


  I used to hate cheese. I wouldn't touch the stuff - the smell kept me far far away. Oh, of course I ate mozzarella on my pizza but that was as far as it went. Until ... I discovered Brenta. It was love at first bite. Now I'm addicted and have to avoid the cheese shop at all costs. But when I do break down, I can … [Read more...]


Make a Peeps Wreath that Lasts for Years!


It all started one year ago today with my Peeps wreath ... Did you hear of that teacher who left a Twinkie on the classroom windowsill for years ... and it didn't rot, go bad, spoil or fall apart! No, it weathered the test of time and remained unchanged through many mid terms, science experiments and proms. I cringe to think of all of … [Read more...]


DIY Painted Paisley Plate Wall


  You know I love a good plate wall. From my eclectic dining room plate wall to the tons of inspiring ideas I've pinned to my Plate Wall Pinterest board, it's obvious. So what's better than being able to create your own DIY plate wall in any pattern and color you desire? DIY Paisley Plate Wall 1) Buy cheap plates from the dollar … [Read more...]


Designer Wrapped Soaps on a Dime


  Out with the dark and dreary and in with the bright and cheery. Make your own soap wrapping paper - perfect for any bathroom and makes a great gift.   Designer Wrapped Soaps This is the perfect paper size for wrapping Dove boxed soap - if your box is a different size, your paper measurements may vary * Cut 3" off a piece … [Read more...]


The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing and Simple DIY Envelopes


  Remember the excitement of waiting for the mailman? Looking out the window hoping he'd deliver an letter with your name neatly written on the envelope. Birthdays were the best. Far away relatives would tuck a crisp dollar bill inside the card that floated to the floor when I ripped open the envelope. While the art of letter writing … [Read more...]