Chalk Paint 101 – the No Prep Wonder Paint!


Chalk Paint - where do I begin. For a lazy painter like me, it's a miracle. No prep, no sanding, no primer, no problem. Let's talk Chalk Paint 101 ...   You can use chalk paint on your kitchen cabinets like Little Cottage on the Pond did! You can paint it right over a laminate table like Janet did - no primer required! Did … [Read more...]


How to Throw a Killer Yard Sale


  There are yard sales (stifling a yawn) ... and then there are Killer Yard Sales!   The difference is like comparing a trip to the supermarket with a trip to the tropical island of Maui. Join me and three yard sale experts on Wednesday 5/22 at 2pm EST for a live show where we'll find out all the insider tips and tricks to … [Read more...]


You’re Invited to Think Outside the Pot with Me!

Outside the Pot

  You are cordially invited   Date:  Tuesday, May 7, 2013 Time:  2:00 pm eastern Where:  In my garden   You all know I love thinking outside the pot and coming up with creative ideas for my garden. Join me outside on my vintage glider as I chat with three other creative gardeners.  Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads, Daune from … [Read more...]


How to Stencil a Wall Like a Pro


I have an embarrassing confession. I'm afraid of something that probably wouldn't scare most normal people. You see, I have a fear of stencils!   Strange but true. Not the small stencils made for crafting - but those great big stencils for walls. I've had a few sitting in a box for over a year, collecting dust, just waiting … [Read more...]


20 + Off the Wall Plate Walls


If you haven't noticed, I love plate walls! Here's mine in my dining room - some old, some new, a big old metal tray and one lonely black plate to give it a twist. Notice the plate hangers? Exactly - you can't see them! I use these invisible plate hangers and love them! If I had more wall space, or a vacation home in Hawaii, perhaps … [Read more...]


Use What You Have Holiday Table Decorating

Christmas Centerpieces, simple centerpiece

I'm having a party ... everybody's singing ... listen to the music ... on the radio. I'll be cooking, cleaning, decorating and shaking up some mean cocktails ... so I'm keeping the table decorations simple.   It's live - so I can't promise there won't be bloopers!!     P.S. So excited to … [Read more...]


Halloween Craziness – From Pumpkin Plumbers Crack to a Melting Witch

Bedhead Pumpkin

  From a pumpkin man with a serious case of plumber's crack ... to a melting witch right out of Oz - she's melting, she's melting ... to a pumpkin with a serious case of bed head from Garden Therapy. Who's ready for Halloween?   … [Read more...]


Cozy Reading Corner – My Favorite Space

White Kitchen - Eclectically Vintage

What's your favorite room, space, nook, or hideaway in your house? Is it a bathroom where you can lock the door and hide from your kids for a few minutes? Is it your kitchen where you mix up a mean martini for friends? Is it your porch or patio where you enjoy fabulous weather? Is it your dining room where Thanksgiving … [Read more...]


Confessions of a DIYer Party & Giveaways!

Twitter Party

I vividly remember my confirmation in 6th grade. Wearing my navy blue and white polka dot dress, I marched into the confessional to reveal all my deep, dark secrets. Two minutes later, I emerged! Hey, at 12, a girl doesn't have that much to confess! But boy do I have some things to confess now! So join me (and Hometalk, At the … [Read more...]


Fab Friday Finds – A Tale of Brimfield

Antique Wooden Shoe Rack

There once was a girl with burnished flowing locks (with no gray roots!) and hazel eyes. She loved nothing more than scouring her kingdom for antiques and vintage finds for her cottage. A happy life she did possess but for one small desire. To travel to the land of Brimfield. A magical place where people would journey in the hopes of … [Read more...]