Out of the Drawer – Jewelry Organization

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When we renovated our house, I was horrified when I looked at the architectural drawings and discovered that my closet was the same size as my husbands. Obviously, the architect is a man who doesn’t understand my love of retail therapy so I made sure he made my closet much larger than my hubby’s (sorry dear). I’ve decided closets aren’t just … [Read more...]


Vintage Jewelry Giveaway


  I always wanted a pony. Unfortunately, the closest I got to my dream was the horse in my Little People barn.   My friend Lucy from Bel Monili was lucky enough to score 257 vintage cattle tags and turn them into the cutest necklaces. I know.  They're for cows, not horses, but it's close enough for me!   I met … [Read more...]


How to Make Your Own Jewelry


  It's jewelry making 101 time. I've already filled you in on the fact that my BFF is Martha Stewart. So I was a little stunned that she hadn't picked up the phone to tell me she also makes a line of DIY jewelry. Instead, she packed up a box full of jewelry making goodness and mailed it to me - thanks Martha! Every girl needs a … [Read more...]


Mission Organization: Jewelry Drawer


The jumbled jewelry drawer taunted me My heart was all a flutter. I needed to find my vintage brooch Hidden among the clutter. I vowed to organize every bracelet, necklace and ring Before the day was over. Hoping to easily find my favorite bling And not have to borrow from a neighbor.     The task was daunting I … [Read more...]