Unique Christmas Trees – Christmas Stand Tree!

Eclectically Vintage trees unusual

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How lovely are your ... Branches? The Deets: * Find some old Christmas tree stands at the thrift store * Spray paint them (I used Kyrlon Premium Silver Foil Metallic) * Stack them * Dangle some cute vintage Shiny Brites from the "branches" * Sing Oh Christmas Tree as you admire your … [Read more...]


Bring on the Bling – Metallic Pinecone Place Settings

Fall Crafts, Thanksgiving, place settings

I'm torn. I love natural, rustic things like old wooden toolboxes and chippy paint ... but I also love a bit of bling (I live in Jersey after all). How to marry the two? Why not take a standard issue pinecone (not that there's anything wrong with that) and give it some attitude. I was lucky enough to try the Krylon Premium Copper … [Read more...]


Arachnophobia – Spooky Spider Wreath

Eclectically Vintage Halloween Spiders

Remember as a kid when you were just about to nod off to sleep. Until you glanced up and spotted a huge, hairy spider dangling from the ceiling, right above your head! Screams could be heard for miles until that little guy was squished (or let out the window - yes, my mom did that). Well, get ready for some real arachnophobia with this simple … [Read more...]