DIY Antique Monogrammed Window


  18 cents! That's how much it cost me to make my very own antique monogrammed window.   The planets aligned when ... I wrote about my favorite unique repurposed windows ... then my neighbors threw away some antique windows ... (which I shamelessly plucked from their dumpster - after I brushed up on my dumpster diving … [Read more...]


Designer Wrapped Soaps on a Dime


  Out with the dark and dreary and in with the bright and cheery. Make your own soap wrapping paper - perfect for any bathroom and makes a great gift.   Designer Wrapped Soaps This is the perfect paper size for wrapping Dove boxed soap - if your box is a different size, your paper measurements may vary * Cut 3" off a piece … [Read more...]


Dollar Store DIY Monogrammed Gifts – Drinking Glasses

Eclectically Vintage Crafts

By the end of the day, we usually have a dozen dirty glasses lined up on the counter ... but there are only four people in my family. Where are these glasses coming from? They multiply like rabbits when I turn my back to put away the Reese's Puffs. I am rebelling against my dishpan hands and creating a simple solution to this serious … [Read more...]