How to Paint Chevron the Easy Way – Antique Window Tray Tutorial

How to Make a Chevron Tray

  Trends come and go. They're what make our homes stay current ... not like a scene from an Austin Power's movie (my parents recently removed the green and yellow beads used as bathroom window treatments)! Don't go out and buy a chevron sofa - only to find it's in the category of the avocado green refrigerator after a … [Read more...]


Orange Pomander Monogrammed Place Setting

Eclectically Vintage

Have you ever heard of a pomander? No, not a pompador, a pomander. It comes from the french word pomme d'ambre, apple of amber. Pomanders were used to mask odors (as you can imagine!) and ward off diseases in the Middle Ages and were made form gold, silver or even wood and filled with a spice mixture. They evolved into the clove studded … [Read more...]