Arachnophobia – Spooky Spider Wreath

Remember as a kid when you were just about to nod off to sleep.

Until you glanced up and spotted a huge, hairy spider dangling from the ceiling, right above your head!

Screams could be heard for miles until that little guy was squished (or let out the window – yes, my mom did that).

Well, get ready for some real arachnophobia with this simple spider wreath – the perfect Halloween decorations DIY idea.

Make a Spooky Spider Wreath - love this for  a front door on Halloween!

I was lucky enough to try out some fabulous Krylon spray paint.

Wow – what a selection  – from glitter blast to chalkboard paint to metallics, I was a like kid in a painted candy store!

The Gory Details:

*Grapevine wreath 
*Krylon black spray paint (I used Chalkboard)
*Rubber spiders – dollar store

*Spray wreath with 2 or 3 coats of black Krylon spray paint
*Tuck one or two of each spider’s legs under grapevine
*Hang and feel your skin crawl

Spooky Spider Wreath - perfect Halloween decorations DIY idea!

Make a Spooky Spider Wreath - love this for  a front door on Halloween!

Now for something less creepy …

my blinged out copper jack o’lantern.

Isn’t he Jerseylicious!

Make a Blinged Out Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween

The Deets:

Simply spray a few coats of Krylon Premium Copper Metallic spray paint on, plug it in and watch it really glow.

Have I mentioned that I am in love with this metallic paint – and it comes in gold and silver too!

Make a Blinged Out Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween

The Halloween fabulousness doesn’t stop here.

Like my spider wreath?  You’ll love my DIY Swarming Spiders Tablecloth.

Check out what these amazing gals created.

This spooktacular post is sponsored by Krylon but I only speak the truth like my mom taught me.

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  1. You don’t even KNOW spiders in Jersey! You should see the crazy bugs I had to get used to down here…many of them poisonous. And poisonous snakes. But at least it isn’t Florida, where the elementary school curriculum includes learning to run from alligators.

  2. Love the wreath…you did a great job…but have to say it is the creepiest wreath I have seen…but then again…creepy is good at Halloween!!

  3. I am not arachnophobic…at all…but this is one creepy wreath!

  4. Those are some seriously extra creepy spiders. Reminds me of when we lived in AZ!

  5. If I saw that huge of a spider hanging above my bed I might have to change my sheets! That wreath is CREEPY! Great job, Kelly!

  6. I hate spiders no matter how big or small. I have sucked up two large ones with the vacuum this week. We need to spray. Need to remind the hubby. Love your projects.

  7. I am all over loving that COPPER Jack!! He is one handsome fellow :))))

  8. ~shivers~

    But I really like the copper! That was rather brilliant.

  9. These are all so much fun, what amazing transformations. I love the metallic paint!

  10. Cool and to think I have just the right spray paint on hand! On to the dollar stl for me! Thanks!

  11. eeek! gives me the heebie jeebies…in a good way! lol Love this fun wreath AND the copper pumpkin, too cool!

  12. Oh my gosh! That wreath is seriously scary! I hate spiders!

  13. This wreath turned out so cool and I love the jack o lantern!!!!!

  14. Okay–that spider wreath is truly creepy! My mom hates spiders with a passion. She remembers being a kid in the 30s and going down to the banana boats that came into the dock at Mobile, Alabama, and there were huge tarantulas on the banana stalks! One time she saw a teeny spider in our kitchen, grabbed the broom to smack it, and she broke the broom in half–we still laugh about that one! Glad you liked the way I styled my bar cart, and I’d love to hear your girls play, so yes, play away, and we’ll dance the Charleston! (Although I have to say I have spent more time on the bandstand than on the dance floor, so I’m not very good!)

  15. Cecilia Cilli says:

    Love your spiders! I also love this spray paint – I used the silver on sea shells (ordinary ones) picked up by my grand kids at the Jersey shore this summer and they are great looking. I may use them to make a wreath for the shore house.

    • Hi Jersey girl – what shore do you go to? I live in NJ too!

    • Cecilia Cilli says:

      We have a “little house” in Bay Head and we love it. Someone who did not grow up in NJ once asked why I wanted the house because we live in a beautiful area right down the road from you in Long Hill, my sister answered and said – if you did not grow up in North NJ you will never “get it” It is the dream of everyone from NJ to have a place at the Shore.
      Is NJ the best place to live you are less then 2 hours away from everything – NYC – Shore – farms – hills it has it all – Love it!

      By the way did you go to the VNA sale in Far Hills last week. I did and found a great old ratty wrought iron chase – can not wait to start on it and make a cushion it will fit right in at Shore.

      Love your blog! You ate soooo real

      • Of course I went to the VNA – got a couple great things I’ll be sharing soon!

        I love Bay Head! Our friend has a house in Pt Pleasant – right next to Bay Head in those newer homes with their own private beach. I think people think Jersey Shore when they think of Jersey (let’s keep the real fabulous NJ our little secret)!

  16. The is the first bronzed Jack o’Lantern I’ve seen and its a great way to have a bit of whimsy in a more polished adult style for a home that doesn’t include children … maybe I will have a pumpkin this year. BTW, I used Krylon spray paint for the first time last week and was seriously impressed; planning another project with it this week too. Better grab some of the metallic while I’m at it. Great job on the wreath even though there are spiders on it 😉 You seriously rock the halloween vibe Kelly!

  17. I love this! It’s just a little spooky :) Spooky enough to be almost cute.

    Totally pinning it :)

  18. szinteriors says:

    I love your copper pumpkin! What a great idea to spray it out in copper – never would have to use that colour!

  19. These are both great. I have to say I still scream when I see a big hairy spider. Unfortunately, I’m the one that has to kill it now :)

  20. Okay, that wreath made my skin crawl. But that copper pumpkin? Now that’s more my speed! Off to check out the other fun spray paint projects ….

  21. Uhhh, there is no way I could hang that spider wreath on my door! Too freaky :)

  22. Love both the wreath and pumpkin. I actually bought metallic cooper spray paint and glitter yesterday to do something similar :)

  23. Kelly-
    I adore both projects…I went a little happy with my Krylon metallic spray paint on all my old Halloween decorations from last year. I will have a ton to link up at your guys’ party.

    Sharing both projects at Pinterest.


  24. This wreath such a great idea and the pumpkin is adorable – great decorations!

  25. Well, it turned out great…for a creepy spider wreath. lol But I really really love the pumpkin!
    Debbie :)

  26. That wreath is so spooky and creepy… but great! So cool and creative!

  27. That is one creepy looking wreath. I love it! But I think I’d keep some spider spray on hand just in case. Your huge pumpkin guy is adorable too!!


  28. I already told you I love the project but thanks for joining the link party! Take care, Laura

  29. Christina at I Gotta Create! says:

    Eeeww! Cool! Looking fabulously creepy at your place! 😉

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  30. oh these turned out great!! perfect spooky spider wreath!! 😉

  31. This wreath is awesome! I featured you today in my Friday I’m In Love favorites!


  32. I think yours is creepier than mine for sure. Those huge spiders would scare the bejeebies out of me….in a totally cool, awesome, crafty way. :-)

  33. loooove the arachnophobia wreath!!! will definately try this next halloween!!!!!! also love the old fishermans glass baubles..reminds me of my childhood growing up on the coast of norway!! inspiring blog!! june

  34. Hi Kelly,

    What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of scrap fabric crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!


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