Drying Hydrangeas 101


Drying Hydrangeas - follow these simple step by step directions to have beautiful dried flowers all year long!  eclecticallyvintage.com

Yes, I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Not really …

what I really like is are margaritas and tons of hydrangeas (and having an umbrella and wellies when the downpour starts).

I also love peonies so be sure to read my tips on planting peonies.

Hydrangeas - see how to dry them for lasting blooms all year long!  eclecticallyvintage.com

In August, my hydrangeas start to fade so I have to quickly take action so I can enjoy them all year long.

How to dry hydrangeas - this is the easiest way I've seen!  eclecticallyvintage.com

Drying Hydrangeas

1) When blooms begin to fade and turn papery (sometime between August and October depending on where you live), clip them leaving some stem (around 12″ or so)

Note:  fresh, colorful blooms won’t dry well – experiment with the best time to dry your hydrangeas

2) Strip the stems off all leaves

3) Put stems in vases of water (about 4″ to 5″)

4) Don’t overcrowd the stems – a few per vase – so the air circulates and they dry more evenly

5) Store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight (mine are on my dining room table)

6) Let water evaporate (if they are still not dry, add a bit more water and let that evaporate)

7) Enjoy your dried hydrangeas all year long

Row of hydrangea bushes - this is fabulous (and tips for drying them)  eclecticallyvintage.com

I take way too many pictures of hydrangeas – and other random things like thrift shop finds and estate sale houses on Instagram – follow along!


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  1. They are all over my living rom table right now–love them!

  2. So beautiful Kelly! Thanks for the drying tips, I have been experimenting drying my own and found the water tip works very well!!

  3. I’ve been experimenting myself with drying my Hydrangea with just a little success but I did cut them just a bit too soon ~ still trying, even if I end up cutting every bloom from the bush LOL!! I may have made the mistake of not having them in a dark space? Thanks for your tips, I’ll put them to use! Judi

  4. Ahhh never knew the water tip. Thanks!!

  5. I love my dried hydrangeas! I forgot to dry some this year, so I need to get outside and see if it’s still possible. Thanks for the tips and reminder!

  6. just beautiful !!!!…I have to buy dried hydrangeas on line…they do not grow where I live…Darn !!!

  7. How I wish I had some in my garden to dry! Thanks for this top Kelly, will keep it in mind for sure!

  8. Kelly great tips and I adore hydrangeas. I want to plant some at the new house.


  9. Love hydrangeas but cannot grow them here. Thanks for the tip in case I ever have a chance to get some fresh ones.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Thanks for the tips Kelly, I was wondering how to keep my hydrangeas pretty in my living room.

  11. I can never get enough pictures of Hydrangeas. They are my most favorite flowers.

  12. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous Kelly!!!

  13. I wonder if this would work from blooms purchased from the grocery store? My fledgling hydrangea bushes looked pretty sad this summer … though, my neighbor’s hydrangeas look amazing. I may need to do some stealth cutting under the cloak of darkness …

    :) Linda

  14. Your hydrangeas are so pretty! I dried mine the same way last year, they were deep purple and dried to be blue. I’ve also tried hanging them upside down from hooks inside of closets, and tehy dired nicely.
    This year they are turning brown on the bush , but I still got some. My daughter just moved to a new house with oaaak leaf hydrangeas, so I’ll see if I can dry some of them now.

  15. Kelly, I have never tried to dry hydrangeas but I was just looking at some of my blooms today and was thinking that I should. Thanks for your timely tips!

  16. JaneEllen says:

    I am so envious, your hydrangeas are breath taking. Just not fair, no it is, I live in wrong part of country is all. Too dry here (western CO) for them and we have so much alkali in our soil it kills everything. Even the Russian sage is pretty bedraggled this year, usually they’ll keep on blooming and growing in almost any conditions/soil. I love hydrangeas so much, they’re so darned pretty and delicate looking. Yours on that row of plants are drool worthy.

  17. I thought I was a hydrangea growing failure till Thursday. Then, while mowing lawn, I spotted among the weeds the plant I thought I killed. And it had three small balls of blooms.

  18. I love hydrangeas! My favorite nursery is selling a hydrangea tree. If it wasn’t $150, I would have bought it today. I already have three (maybe 4, two are close) different kinds – mop head, oak leaf and climbing. I’ll have to try drying them!

  19. Lord help me…I love hydrangeas too! When we lived in PA I had beautiful hydrangea bushes and now I can’t get them to grow. I spend way too much on them at the store…
    Jealous Blogger,

  20. Laura Strack says:

    I love your hydrangeas! My goodness, they’re gorgeous!! Several years ago, after my Dad had passed away, I received a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas and a dear friend volunteered to preserve them and make them into a wreath for me. It was Fabulous! I enjoyed that wreath for a long time. After about 2 years, the flowers still looked great, but became a little brittle and were breaking off. I guess, nothing last forever. I heard you can spray paint them for Fall? Thanks for the great tutorial :)

  21. Oh…I have some drying right now:)


  22. ohmygosh! your hydrangeas! they’re gorgeous! that entire row is spectacular.

  23. Could you give us ideas as to what to do with the dried hydrangea?? Thanks so much!

  24. I’ve just planted some hydrangeas this year so I’ll have to Pin this for next year – thank you!!

  25. Love dried hydrangeas!! Yours are gorgeous!

  26. Beautiful hydrangeas! Love the owl in your picture too — where can I find one like it?

  27. Thanks for the tip. Love them!

  28. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve tried many times to dry hydrangea blooms. Most recently I had success but didn’t know quite why! Now I do, the water! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  29. If you add a little glycerine, the blooms won’t crumble as easily, they’re a little more flexible :)

  30. Adding glycerine to the water when drying Hydrangeas leaves them very supple and not as papery and also preserves the color.Have been doing this successfully for years,also works on some other flowers.

  31. I have always cut mine, strip the leaves and stick in a vase, basket, container… and let them dry. They stay beautiful until I am ready to do it again next year. I’ve never done it with water. Will give it a try.

  32. I also love my Hydrangeas. I have the beautiful Annabelle. I love to cut them and dry them at their different stages as they change colors. My method is very easy. I cut them when they are the color that I want. I don’t put them in water. All I do is bring them into the house, put them in a tall vase ,and leave them alone. They dry perfectly. I just change them every year. ENJOY.


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