Call Me June Cleaver – My Retro Yard

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Oilcloth Fabric - Perfect for outdoors and a fun retro look!

I’m feeling very June Cleaver …

minus the perfectly coiffed hair, starched apron and wearing heels while vacuuming thing.


I’ll definitely be the hostest with the mostest this summer as I liven up my yard with these bold, retro prints of my new oilcloth pillows from Modern June.

I love these fun, retro oilcloth pillows!  Perfect for outdoors

I am seriously in love.

The quality is amazing – each zipper is hidden and they are perfect for outside (although I won’t leave them out in a downpour)!

Oilcloth pillows - perfect for outdoors! LOVE the fun prints!

I stumbled across this GENIUS idea from Online Fabric Store while searching for pillow inserts!

Use a pillow insert two inches bigger than your pillow cover –  it makes them extra plump!

So my 16″x16″ pillow covers were stuffed with an 18″x18″ pillow inserts that are weather resistant from Online Fabric Store – perfect for outside!

Polyfill Outdoor Pillow Inserts

Modern June makes more than just pillows and oilcloth!  I love her chalk cloth, banners and fun sewing kits (the tote bags are adorable).

Not to mention she’s written two books.

Love these oilcloth pillows - perfect for the yard!

Update:  Giveaway has ended – the winner is Robin

Win Two Custom Oilcloth Pillows from Modern June and At Home with Modern June Book

1) Hop over to Modern June and let me know which 3 to 6 oilcloth fabrics (front, back and trim) you would choose for your pillows

2) Come back and leave me a comment letting me know


Nitty Gritty:   Giveaway ends May 10 at midnight EST.  Contest open to US and Canadian residents over 18.  Winner will be chosen by and notified by email.  If no response within three days, a new winner will be chosen.  Winner receives two 16″ x 16″ custom oilcloth pillow covers and At Home with Modern June book and will be shipped by Modern June.

Disclaimer:  Thanks Modern June for turning my yard into something out of a scene from Leave it to Beaver.  Thanks Online Fabric Store for the amazing outdoor pillow inserts.  All opinions are my own and I only speak the truth.

P.S.  Eclectic is my middle name – don’t forget to check out my tips on how to get an eclectic patio.

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  1. Chili Pepper, Polka Dot Red, Striped Red…hmmmm I’m sensing a theme here!

  2. Amy Cruce says:

    Okay…the overstuffing is the greatest idea EVER. Duh…..;-)

  3. Sue Glass says:

    I would Zoya lime with striped yellow back and kiwi gingham trim OR rose dale aqua with red lace back and turquoise trim. These prints are wonderful! TY for opportunity to win one!

  4. Ooooo! Zoya lime & Striped yellow w/ blue polka dot trim, and Mum turquoise & Lace Green w/polka dot lime trim!

  5. Forever Strawberry Pink with Polka Dot Pink, Cherry Aqua with Gigham Blue and Lace Pink with Zoya Pink!

  6. Aundrea Gore says:

    Strawberry red and red gingham checked
    I love all of them, they are so pretty.

  7. LOVE these!!
    I would pick Rosegale Aqua and Gingham Yellow with Faux Bois Walnut on the backs! I also love the Lace and Osla prints – so fun!

  8. Kay Roberts says:

    Cannot decide..any would WOW my world…

  9. Margaret says:

    I really like them all, but I think the turquoise gingham, the red picnic check and the rosegale aqua are my favorites. They’re all really pretty!

  10. Patti Betz says:

    Cherry Aqua with Gingham Kiwi, Hibiscus Yellow with Ink Polka Dot, and Bloom White White and Blue Gingham. I LOVE gingham!

  11. Decisions decisions… Black lace, pink lace, black polka dot, pink polka dot… tia

  12. Brenda says:

    Cherry Black with Polka Dot Red & Black Gingham trim 😀

  13. Front- Zoya Lime Back-Gingham yellow Trim-Black polka dot
    Front-Bloom Royal Blue Back-Gingham Kiwi Trim- Black polka dot

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  14. Love them all! I would pick Hibiscus Yellow with Striped Yellow with Lace Blue Trim! Mix and match with Lace blue and striped Yellow and Hibiscus Yellow trim:)

  15. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    I adore the lace pink, polka dot pink, gingham pink, zoya pink, bloom red and lace red with the candy stripe 1/2″ bias tape. Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. Lauren says:

    Te fabrics are all beautiful! Hibiscus yellow and gingham pink with polka dot royal blue trim!

  17. Rochelle Lowe says:

    Rosegale pink, Aqua check, polka dot and gingham pink, faux bois yellow, and Zoya lime. There are so many good colors that it’s hard to choose!! :)

  18. My favorites are: Hibiscus Yellow, Bloom Royal Blue, and Zoya Lime. Thanks!

  19. Striped red, polka dot royal blue and gingham yellow! I really need to update some patio cushions this season!

  20. Debbie says:

    I love them all, but If I have to choose I would like cherry aqua and striped red, forever strawberry pink and polka dot red and Hibiscus yellow and polka dot blue.

  21. Melissa says:

    This idea is genius!! I would choose The Polka Dot Black and the Polka Dot on Black!

  22. Great fabrics! I would choose hibiscus yellow, polka dot black, gingham turquoise and mum turquoise, oleo blue, and gingham orange.

  23. Kathie from CA says:

    I love the pears and apples, red cherries on white, strawberry pink and pink gingham, mum turquoise, and dark blue dots. I would love these. Never seen anything like them.

  24. Oh my gosh – any one of the ginghams, stripes, polka dots, picnic checks –
    plus the apples and cherries and the pink lace
    I would have a terrible time deciding and that would be a fun dilemma!!

  25. These pillows are presh! I like the hibiscus yellow with gingham orange trim would be adorable. Along with bloom red with gingham navy trim.

  26. Laurie T. says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I love Polka Dot Lime for front & trim, Gingham Kiwi for back, and Oslo Orange for front & trim, Gingham Orange for back. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Absolutely adorable! How can you even pick?! I do love the Zoya Pink with the Striped Yellow, the Istanbul Black with the Yellow Gingham an the Mum Turquoise with the Oslo Orange. What a fab change they would make on my patio!!

  28. Forever strawberry pink and forever strawberry blue with gingham turquoise!

  29. Melissa says:

    Love Modern June’s work! I would choose red Christmas/polka dot red/blue gingham trim (like yours) and cherry aqua/picnic check red/polka dot on black trim. They would look amazing in my retro double glider! Thanks!!

  30. Cherry white gingham kiwi and cherry back Love it!

  31. I would Love:
    Thanks EV

  32. Carleen says:

    I have a gorgeous Day of the Dead oilcloth bookbag a friend made me. Love the stuff! I would choose bloomwhite with solid red and black trim. Or zoya lime, rosegale aqua and polka dot lime trim.

  33. Ginny Baudanza says:

    I would like Zoya lime with striped yellow back and kiwi gingham trim or Mum Turquoise Blue, Oslo BLue with Polka dot light blue trim

  34. Melissa foust says:

    Cherry Aqua, black gingham, and polka dot on black trim. So cute!

  35. Stefanie says:

    I was just trying to find where a person could buy these online!! Thanks for offer!! Anything polka dot, gingham and cherries, instanbul black, anything zoya and bloom royal blue!! How awesome !! Thanks!

  36. T. Hunter says:

    The patterns of oilcloth that I like the most are Gingham Navy with Bloom White trim, Lace Blue with Lace Brown trim, Lace Black with Lace Brown trim and Picnic Check Black with Polka Dot on Black trim. I would like the same pattern on the front and back. Boring, I know:). Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  37. I’d use Zoya Lime with striped red, apples green with green gingham and Bloom White with striped red again. What beautiful colours to play with.

  38. Casmit says:

    There were all so cheerful looking! I would pick Bloom Red, Bloom Blue and Bloom White Oilcloths. And the backs would all be Picnic Check Red! Love it!

  39. Kristin says:

    Hibiscus yellow, gingham yellow and gingham torquise and zoya lime, kiwi gingham and black gingham. Thanks, great giveaway.

  40. Jill H. says:

    OH love these retro prints, how fun! Here is the six I chose. Cherry white oil cloth, with red gingham back; forever strawberry blue with polka dot red back ; Zoya lime with striped oil cloth yellow back . all trimmed in the candy stripe red. Thanks you can be June.. love the 50’s retro dresses to but forget the heels.

  41. Lisa D. says:

    So hard to decide! Polka dot red, gingham turquoise, and Istanbul black. Fingers crossed!

  42. Daphne says:

    So pretty! Hard to choose, but I’d like Bloom in royal blue, or solid red, striped red, or polka dot blue or red. Love oilcloth.

  43. Carole Core says:

    Gingham Yellow – always a classic
    Zoya Lime
    Bloom Royal Blue

  44. I’d LOVE to win pillows from Modern June … how great are those retro-look oilcloth prints! I would sooo choose 1) Picnic Check Red, and 2) the Polka Dot and 3) the Stripe in Red, on one ~ then change out the Picnic Check Red for Alt 1) the Apples in Red for a second pillow! I would let “June,” the expert, decide placement! (And … great hint from OFS [fave of mine, too!] to use a larger pillow insert in your pillow cover ~I’m lovin’ overstuffed!!!). You are so thoughtful to offer this GIFT! Thanks!

  45. Sylvia marie says:

    I love the Chevrons and polka dots,

  46. Wow-I would choose the Zoya Lime with a Striped Yellow for the back, a Zoya Pink with the Striped Yellow back, and a Lace Black with Picnic Check black! Adorable fabrics and love them for an outdoor set!

  47. Black Polka dot, Black picnic check, Black gingham, solid black

  48. i would choose aqua cherry w/solid black back…trimmed with polka dot on black….classic! thx for sharing these great websites & products w/us!

  49. I love it all… Retro stuff n’ puff pillows. It was a lot of fun just picking out the patterns/colors.

    I’ll have pillows in:
    1,) Chili Pepper Yellow Oilcloth w/ the Striped Oil Cloth Red
    2.) Mum Turquoise Blue w/ Gingham Yellow
    3.) Lace Black w/ Solid Black

    Love those!!!

  50. Judie lutz says:

    Oh, so many neat colors. I’m love the retro look. I think cherry white with picnic red, apples and pears with striped yellow, and bloom royal blue, with lace blue, and of course using trims from the fabric of the other pillows. They would look perfect on my patio!

  51. I would love any of the fabrics from Modern June, Kelly is amazing! Any of them would go perfect at my home. Thank you :-)

  52. I love the lime zoya and all the gingham and polka dots. I have placemats with the lace on one side and mum turquoise on the other that my sister made for me. I love them and I love that shop!

  53. Melinda Ihnen says:

    Gingham Tirquoise (back and trim), Hibiscus yellow (front). Lace Red (front & trim) and Solid Red (back). :) HOPE I GET IT!!

  54. They are all just beautiful! I’m a red person!

  55. Zoya Lime Oilcloth front
    Gingham Turquoise Oilcloth back
    Polka Dot Lime Oilcloth trim

  56. Lisa Flynn says:

    Love the bloom red, red stripe, green, blue or red lace, soya orange and mum turquoise. Just love all the oil cloth really. Thanks for introducing me to Modern June!

  57. Cherry aqua, gingham red, lace picnic. Nice!

  58. Make that red lace picnic!

  59. Barbara says:

    LOVE cherry aqua oilcloth mum turquoise oilcloth and Zita lime oilcloth! Gorgeous!!

  60. Jo skidmore says:

    Hibiscus yellow, yellow stripe and pink polka dot

  61. Note: 2nd Comment (if “disqualified!”) :: I just HAD to tell you ~ visited Modern June again, ORDERED the Green Ribbon Christmas, plus 4 add’l pieces, for our Church Christmas Bazaar! The colors are so enticing ~ everyone else will love, too! So thanks for the intro: loved Kelly’s site, and touring her home on her blog!

  62. Zoya Lime and Lime Polka Dot

  63. Forever strawberry and turquoise gingham!!

  64. Kathy Showalter says:

    What weather proof pillow inserts, I never knew that! What a GREAT tip! I love the Red Polka Dot and the Blue
    Gingham! Keep up the Great Tips!

  65. lynnette moss says:

    zoya lime, yellow stripe and lime polka dot please

  66. forever strawberry blue front, red gingham trim and red gingham on back! keeping my fingers crossed!

  67. I am not very good at selecting fabric for projects. I need something that pops, lately it seems like everything goes together. Your pillows look great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. patricia says:

    I love the apples and hibiscus. Every year when I go to Brimfield, MA for fun, I look at the oil cloths and drool. I am very artistic and creative but I do not sew. I wish I did. My mom was a seamstress. I would love to have an one of your great designs. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy Eclecticallt Vintage. Thank you for the inspiration and good tips. Pat

  69. Michele T says:

    Love the Apples Green with the Polka Dot Lime and Gingham Orange fro trim! So colorful!

  70. Louise Marie says:

    My pillows would be made from cherry white oilcloth and the backs of the pillows would be polka dot lime, solid red, or gingham kiwi.

  71. Greatest tip ever on the pillow stuffing idea! To go with my choices…hard to pick, Hibiscus Yellow, Yellow Stripe, Blue Lace…mix it up. 😉 !

  72. I would love to mix it up with Cherry Aqua, Gingham Kiwi, Forever Strawberry Blue, Cherry White, Lace Pink and Mum Orange! Way too much fun!

  73. Lace blue with polka dot royal blue and Havanna café with polka dot black

  74. Piggerts says:

    apples red with gingham black and cherry white with cherry black

  75. Cathy Ann says:

    Havana café with polka dot black & cherry white with gingham black

  76. So in love with these pillows!! I love the cherry with red polka dots, but really love them all!!

  77. Wow! These are soooo cute!! Loved the laminated cotton too. For a pillow, I’m thinking APPLES GREEN & POLKA DOT BLACK with the GINGHAM BLACK as trim would be cute, no? Also really loving the FAUX BOIS, but not sure what I’d do with em yet? Maybe some placemats?? Or FAUX BOIS BIRCH & LACE GOLD with another as trim for a separate pillow? Hmmm… Well seeing as I don’t have a porch, I’ve got time to ponder… =)

  78. Zoya lime front and orange gingham back, gihgham navy front and polka pink back, and forever strawberry pink with gingham kiwi back……and gingham buttons with rickrack…… fun!

  79. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    Love this giveaway. I would choose Bloom Red, Bloom royal blue, Bloom white, Picnic Check red, Solid red, and Striped red.

  80. katerina says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love the aqua cherry, red lace, rosegave aqua, blue strawberries, they’re all pretty.

  81. I like the yellow stripe, Zoya lime, and Aqua check for the trim.

  82. I like the Red Stripe, the Solid Red and then the Red Polka Dots for trim.

  83. Lace Blue, Lace Silver and the Royal Blue Polka Dots as trim.

  84. The Lace Gold Oilcloth is my favorite, but I’m not sure what I would pair it with! Maybe the Faux Walnut? If I were picking out the whole thing, I would go with Bloom White front, Bloom Red back, and Black Gingham trim.

  85. Theresa Merkling says:

    Would like to see the following:

    blue strawberry / lace blue / red gingham trim

    zoya lime / yellow stripe / kiwi gingham trim

    Love seeing all the cool combos everyone is coming up with – hope you’ll make a suggestion doc on the sale site to inspire shoppers.

  86. I’m gonna be a bit boring here but I would love the gingham yellow and yellow striped oil cloth ( since yellow is the theme for my outdoor space) for pillows! I’ve never used these fabrics on pillows before but the colors make it tempting to try. Love the combo you chose for yours dear!

  87. I love, love, love the Zoya Lime and the gingham yellow for the backside. That would be great on my back deck!

  88. Christy says:

    I love this fabric! We are trying to decide on new colors for our house so a choice is overwhelming a this point. I love them all and the retro!

  89. kathie says:

    Oh yay! Cherry aqua, mum turquoise, polka dot red, rosegale aqua, striped red would be my pick.

  90. I could not even begin to choose! It is all freaking adorable. I love your selection with the red and aqua, and cherries!! Too cute Kelly.

  91. Kristin Brown says:

    All are so gorgeous!!!!! Loved Zoya Lime, orange lace, and turquoise gingham!!

  92. Mums Orange, Oslo Blue, Lace Orange ; Zoya Lime, Gingham Kiwi, Lace Orange…. they are all so pretty it’s almost anything goes!!

  93. Amemoose says:

    Eeek!! I love them all!! Your pillows turned out so beautifully. If I had to choose, I think I’d like Forever Strawberry Blue front, Lace Red back, and Polka Dot Light Blue trim. :)

  94. I love Lace Pink and Lace Gold — if you use those for the main fabrics, and spice it up however you like, I’d love the surprise! Thanks!

  95. Hmmm weather resistant pillow inserts. I never knew that, feeling like an idiot now. Love the fabric colors…a lot!!

  96. Sunnie DeAngelis says:

    Lace Black, Lace Pink, Black Polka Dot, Pink gingham, black gingham, black Cherries

  97. LOVE that chick! and her pillows too!

  98. Laura Mayer says:

    Front gold lace oilcloth, back black polka dot and trim black checkered!

  99. Audrey turnbull says:

    Wow what beautiful fabrics, feels like a warm summer hug! I would love to win Orange gingham, hibiscus yellow and mum turquoise! Thanks for the chance!

  100. I love the combination of the apple green pillow and the cherries /sky blue pillow for my white birdhouse bench.

  101. Kathy gervasio says:

    Zoya lime and pink. With any of the lace colors. <3

  102. Valerie says:

    I love all of them, but my favorites are ones with black- cherry black with polka dot on black, gingham black with Instanbut black and mum orange with gingham orange. Trim? Open to ideas! Love these pillows!

  103. I love June! And all her stuff too! And I am dying to have her book! I love the oilcloth prints – I’d have to say my favs were the gold lace, green apples, and the black on white dots!

  104. So adorable – love these!

  105. Debbie Bell says:

    Oh my…I’m in oilcloth heaven! My favorites include: cherry Aqua, apples and pears, and Zoya lime. Trim patterns I like are: Gingham turquoise, Gingham black, polka dot red, and polka dot lime. But really, I love them all! I hope I win!

  106. zoya pink, forever strawberry pink, gingham yellow and gingham pink…can you tell I have 2 little girls. Its a pink house!

  107. Love all of the choices! I would pick Zoya Lime, Striped Yellow, and Polka Dot Lime.

  108. Gloria says:

    Oilcloth is so fun! Thanks for the giveaway. Got my eye on the Lace Blue and Red Bloom trimmed with polka dots and gingham.

  109. Heather Pessoa says:

    Thanks for the give away…gonna start a sew shop and am glad to have you as a resource.. love the strawberry pink fabric with the turquoise gingham!!! Thanks~

  110. Rosegale aqua, striped oilcloth yellow and polka dot light blue…but I ALWAYS love cherry aqua with gingham kiwi and anything with polka dot black!

    This would be awesome to win. I have used oilcloth for years…thank you for the new website to check out!

  111. Karen McMahon says:

    I would love the Kiwi Gingham, the llight Blue Polkadot , and the Forever Strawberry Blue oilcloth for out door pillow. It was hard to choose because they are all so cute!

  112. Pam nachajski says:

    Zoya lime flowers with the lime polka dot would really cheer up my porch!

  113. Zoya pink w/Green apple reverse;
    Forever strawberry blue w/ Red gingham reverse; and,
    Istanbul black w/ Bloom reverse–all 3 with Polkadot on black k oil cloth trim. They are all so bright and perfectly summery!!

  114. Love these pillows, I have always been obsessed with retro and vintage looks……I would choose the gingham black and the cherry aqua oil cloth!

  115. The strawberry pink. How sweet it would look on my lounge chair! Gosh, I love oil cloth!

  116. I would take any combination in red and turquoise. Can’t make up my mind.

  117. jo wyrosdick says:

    Black with white dots, big black checks and black lace! Love all of them.

  118. Helen Cox says:

    I love the Cherry Aqua Oilcloth with red gingham back, and the Cherry Black Oilcloth with the gingham black back, and the Apples and Pears Oilcloth with the red polka dot back. I can’t make up my mind about the trim. :)

  119. I love the gingham red & cherry aqua oilcloths. I just finished a new screened porch that these would look beautiful on!

  120. Pamela H. says:

    polka dot red, polka dot lime, red apples, green apples, red gingham

  121. Thanks for sharing! These pillows are super cute and look super comfy for outdoor benches.

  122. Amy Driver says:

    Front, Bloom Royal Blue
    Back, Bloom White
    Trim, Polka Dot Royal Blue
    for both pillows
    Thanks, love the pillows!

  123. Lisa Crumbly says:

    Zoya pink and Polka Dot pink trimmed in Gingham Powder Pink
    Forever Strawberry Pink and Lace Green trimmed in Solid Black
    Mum Orange and Oslo Orange trimmed in Lace Orange
    Love these pillows! Thanks for the chance to win a few.

  124. marcia says:

    absolutely beautiful fabric…Zoya lime/oslo orange w/yellow gingham trim & Hibiscus Yello/Polka dot royal blue w/yellow gingham trim…thank you for nice treat!

  125. Kelly! I’m having so much fun looking at them and getting my eclectic fix here today. Thank you. I love the different prints and yes, the idea for overstuffing is genius.
    I love the striped yellow, zoya lime, cherry aqua, polka dot red, and I could go on forever. Just love, love, love them. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  126. Debbie says:

    Istanbul and yellow gingham. Would be perfect on a bench on my front porch.

  127. Zola lime, lace orange, cherry aqua, lace red. What a nice giveaway!

  128. This is so exciting! I have been wanting pillows for my little wicker sofa. I love the zoya lime with yellow gingham, the hibiscus yellow with powder pink gingham, and the bloom white with kiwi gingham! Awesome website, thanks for sharing, and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all!!!

  129. Zoya lime with yellow stripe & Rick rack. Love them all!! Thanks so much!

  130. OOOH! Fun!
    1-Apples & Pears w/Gingham Kiwi & Yellow Gingham trim
    2-Apples Green w/Oslo Blue & Yellow Gingham trim
    3-Cherry White w/Yellow Gingham & Red Lace trim
    They’re all rad!!!

  131. Michelle says:

    Zoya lime, mum orange, edged in blue lace- love it!

  132. Tabitha P. says:

    i loved the:

    Lace Pink Oilcloth
    Gingham Powder Pink Oilcloth
    Chevron Grossgrain Ribbon – 7/8″~ grey

  133. JaneEllen says:

    I am so in love with the oilcloth. Am I wrong or is a yard for $4.25? If so I’ll be buying some of this stuff from her. Will you get a commission on what people buy since you told us about her? Hope so. I love all the vintage look oilcloth, so pretty. Will have hard time deciding which ones I’ll buy first. Love your pillows. Forgot to see how much the pillow forms are. Ah well can go back. Love her website, awesome. Happy week
    Jo-Ann’s has some oil cloth but not like prints, colors June does.

  134. Marsha Gibbons says:

    I love the pillows!!
    Forever strawberry blue with red gingham
    polka dot blue with zoya pink


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